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4 Trends

4 Trends in Healthcare Design Affecting Furnishings
and the Corresponding Products from Stance Healthcare

Research into healthcare facilities indicates that layout, design and structure can improve both
patient outcomes and the retention of staff. Studies have determined that design can facilitate
healing, reduce hospital-acquired infections, enhance visitor comfort and increase employee
productivity resulting in a more effective hospital environment.
The purpose of this document is to review recent trends in healthcare design and how they are
affecting furnishings. For each trend the corresponding solutions from Stance Healthcare
are described.

Trend 1 | Patient-Centric Design
Healthcare facilities are shifting design to focus on the patient’s comfort. The objective is to
create a therapeutic space that feels less institutional and more like home. In this effort,
healthcare is emulating the example set by the hospitality industry. The initiative has come to
be known as creating residential warmth. In the context of furniture, it means incorporating
matching furniture collections, flexible furniture and a sophisticated color palette. Plus, spaces
must also be inviting to family and visitors.

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