Beyond the Furniture: Stance Healthcare Customer Service

When people ask what we do here at Stance Healthcare, the straightforward answer is that we create innovative furniture solutions for healthcare environments. However, a great-looking, functional healthcare space is just the end result of our efforts.

At Stance, we always strive to create a smooth and hassle-free customer service experience from beginning to end.  It’s the first thing that every new team member learns about here, and the first thing you will notice when you start working with us.

Whether your first touchpoint with us is a visit to our booth at NeoCon, a call after an existing Stance customer told you about us, or even website visit after a Google search, we want you to feel at ease.  When you work with the Stance team, you get:

  • Yes’s instead of No’s – We love saying “yes”!  Tricky customizations? Yes. Last minute changes? Yes.  Even if it’s challenging, we make it doable.
  • Responsiveness – Have you met our Customer Service Manager, Clint Roberts? We consistently hear from our customers that he goes above and beyond when it comes to being knowledgable, reliable, and prompt with your inquiries.
  • A team that loves what they do – Great customers, a positive work environment, and inspiring projects make for a Stance team that loves to come into work every day. We want you to love what you do just as much, so we’re here to make your job as easy as possible!

We want to share what some of our customers have had to say about what it’s like to work with us. Here are a few testimonials:

“I specify Stance quite often because not only is it a good product but the customer service is outstanding.
My customer service contact, Clint Roberts goes above and beyond. He is very helpful, gets things to me very quickly and “no” is never an option. If there is something I need that stance does not have, Stance has always custom made it for me. I like that my customer service rep always follows up with me in regards to quotes and projects I have inquired about. I feel like the people that work for Stance truly enjoy their job”
– Jennifer Zoellner, Interior Logistics, Tulsa OK

“My experience with Stance has been very good. Clint takes great care of us, communicates delays if they’re applicable, quickly answers our questions and just gets the job done. Great team!”
– Diana Broughton, Osterman Cron, Cincinnati OH

“I have always been very pleased with the level of assistance when placing orders to the quick response when any type of verification is needed.”
– Megan Labenberg, Corporate Environments, Bethlehem PA

“Not only are the local representatives responsive, Clint Roberts is an excellent resource for us.
Extremely knowledgeable and offer prompt help. Makes doing business more comfortable for our sales people.”
– Michael Slattery, Arthur P. O’Hara Inc, Downers Grove IL

“Stance Healthcare has been one of my easiest vendors to deal with. Keep up the excellent work.”
– Patti Frates, Valley Imaging Solutions, Sierra Vista AZ

“I’ve never had an issue with getting information from Stance. The website is easy to use, has all the information that I need and is easy to find.”
– Annette Grider, NW OfficeSpace & Design, Wilsonville OR