Durable Healthcare Furniture: The Stance Healthcare Symbol of Strength


In addition to mobility, functionality, and cleanability, durability is a top priority of ours when we design and manufacture a piece of healthcare furniture. We pride ourselves in designing tough healthcare furniture that dealers are proud to source, designers are confident to specify, and facility managers are pleased to put to use.

Why is durable healthcare furniture so critical?

In a healthcare environment, the durability of a piece of furniture is put to the test every single day given the higher amount of traffic and increased frequency of cleaning. Healthcare furniture has to be built to withstand not only the wear and tear of repeated use, but also the thousands of rounds of cleanings.

For us at Stance Healthcare, that means sourcing materials and designing features that enhance both the durability of the structure and the integrity of the surface finishes.

How do we measure durability?

We created the Stance Healthcare “Symbol of Strength” to denote this superior level of durability that has become synonymous with the Stance name. Products that bear this emblem come with a level of durability that goes above and beyond what is typically expected of healthcare furniture.

Each piece of furniture that earns the Symbol of Strength has met strict qualifying criteria to ensure that it performs far beyond the demands of its environment. On these products, you’ll find features such as heavy 14 gauge fully welded steel frames and high-use poly-resin that earn the Symbol of Strength name.

Which Stance Healthcare products can I find the Symbol of Strength on?

You’ll find the Symbol of Strength on many of our most popular durable healthcare furniture including these models:

Attessa Modular Lounge Seating

Oasis Recliner

Oasis 3-Position Sleeper

Fortress Case Goods

Gibraltar Case Goods

Transcend Overbed Table

Oasis Wood Seating Collection

Onward Wood Seating Collection

Vista Wood Seating Collection

Oasis Metal Seating Collection

Vista II Metal Seating Collection

Integrity Metal Seating Collection

Accent Metal Seating Collection

Treatment Tables