The Unlock ‘N’ Roll Bedside Cabinet

Reduce the risk of falls and make Housekeeping’s job easier with the Kindred Bedside Cabinet with Self-locking Caster System.

caster_systemThe Self-locking Caster System is a proprietary design from Stance. You could call this Kindred table– the Unlock ‘N’ Roll Bedside Cabinet. Lift one or both levers on either side of the cabinet to lower hidden casters to the floor. Then, simply push or pull the cabinet to reposition it. Release the levers and the cabinet is locked in place, automatically.

This innovative product increases patient-room safety and caregiver efficiency. The self-locking casters default to the locked position when both levers are released. So, that eliminates the potential for one or more casters to be left unlocked by mistake. It also removes the need for caregivers to kneel and lock or unlock casters one at a time. And Housekeeping can move the cabinet easily and independently to clean the area under and behind the cabinet.

The Self-locking Caster System is an option available in selected case goods collections from Stance.

To watch a DEMONSTRATION VIDEO on the Kindred page of our website, click here.