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Recliner Swing-up Arm eases patient transfer

patient transfer

Oasis Recliner with swing-up arm

Introducing the innovative Swing-Up Arm for the Oasis Recliner –  a new solution for patient transfer.


Ease of Operation and Patient Transfer

patient transfer

Button releases swing-up arm

The new, easy-to-use Swing-Up Arm for the Oasis Recliner was developed by Stance in consultation with clinicians. A button releases the arm of the recliner, which swings-up and out of the way on a pneumatic spring. With the arm raised, the seat and the side of the chair are level. So, the transfer distance and effort required is reduced, in comparison to traditional solutions such as drop-in, drop-down and swing-away arms. With the patient seated in the recliner, give the arm a slight push and the pneumatic spring lowers it to the resting position, in a controlled motion.

patient transfer

Shown with swing-up arm raised


Convenient, Safe and Infection-Resistant

There are several advantages to this method of patient transfer. Convenience: the Swing-Up Arm remains connected to the chair, at all times. Safety: the inner workings and moving parts of the chair remain concealed. Infection-resistance: there are no exposed hinges or receptacles to be cleaned.


That’s why the move is on to the Oasis Recliner with Swing-Up Arm, from Stance Healthcare.

Click here to read more about the feature-rich Oasis Recliner with the new swing-up arm.




Legend – a new line of healthcare metal seating from Stance

You are present at the birth of a Legend. This month, the collection known as Legend has taken its rightful place as our fifth line of metal-framed seating.

The name Legend is destined to be writ large in the annals of healthcare metal seating. It shall be renowned, far and wide, as a durable and affordable option for acute care facilities of any budget. healthcare metal seating

For it bears the Stance Symbol of Strength, an emblem signifying a level of durability that surpasses the demands of the 24/7 healthcare environment. And it performs this heroic feat at a price-point that falls between our entry level chair [Accent] and the next in the line of succession [Integrity].LegendFrame

Tales will be told of Legend’s simple, attractive frame design, which is fully-welded to eliminate the need for fasteners that can loosen, over time.

Songs will be sung of the richness of its many features and options, such as

  • 21”, 24”and 31” seat widths
  • open or closed arms
  • wood or polyurethane arms
  • wall-saver rear leg
  • hardy ganging bracket and
  • a range of complementary tables, freestanding or connected.

But Legend shall also be celebrated in the chronicles of behavioral health, for it is available in a heavy-duty version. Let it be known that the HD Legend features a sled-base design, added weight, tamper-proof fasteners, non-removable arm caps, and the design eliminates areas of concealment.

Henceforward, it shall be proclaimed by all who venture forth from this site – the healthcare metal seating line known as Legend has been launched and more can be learned by clicking here.



Style Meets Substance: Cassia Lounge Seating

Inviting, sleek, and durable, we’re proud to announce Cassia, Stance Healthcare’s new collection of lounge seating designed to transform your lounge or lobby.


Cassia’s sleek, linear profile gives-off a fashionable, contemporary vibe. So you can expect these one- two- and three-seaters to attract attention in any healthcare lobby or lounge environment.

But Cassia is all about style and substance. The deceptively comfortable seat is 18” deep with added webbing and 3” of supporting foam. The construction is engineered plywood reinforced with 14-gauge steel bracketing for enhanced structural integrity and long-term durability. And the wide end frames are supported by a powder-coated steel sled-base in an eye-catching silver finish.

Additionally, Cassia offers the option of wood or solid surface arm caps, each available in a range of attractive finishes.

Style meets substance with Cassia’s wide array of features:

  • Available in one, two, and three-seat lounge chairs
  • Bariatric lounge option with a 33” seat width
  • Engineered plywood construction reinforced by 14-guage steel bracketing for
  • enhanced structural integrity
  • Gap between seat and back for easy cleaning
  • Powder-coated steel sled-base design
  • End tables are 16” and 21” high with choice of laminate or solid-surface tops

Stance Healthcare’s “Integrity” is Now Available in Multiple Seating

Integrity Multiple Seating Stance HealthcareFeedback from our customers is something we really value and love to hear. One request that we had heard often was for an expansion of our popular “Integrity” Seating Line to include 2 and 3-seat units–a great way to save space and money.

You asked, we listened! We’re now proud to announce our expanded Integrity Healthcare Seating Collection.

  • Now featuring 2 and 3-seat multiple seating units – This allows you to fit more seats at a lower “cost per seat”
  • Same timeless look and easy-to-clean design as the original Integrity Seating Collection
  • Generously padded, 21” wide seats
  • Fully-welded frame design for ultimate durability

Learn more about the multiple seating options available within the expanded Integrity Collection.

The New Oasis Glider: Mental Health Seating Solution

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest mental health seating solution, the Oasis Glider.

A welcome addition to the Oasis Heavy-Duty Seating Familyoasis glider mental health seating

The Oasis Glider fulfills a basic need for motion in stressful environments. Motion is assistive in any healing process, and promotes a more calming and restful environment.

Featuring added weight, no pinch points or areas of concealment, and tamper-proof fasteners throughout, the Oasis HD Glider provides a secure method for bringing motion into challenging environments without sacrificing the safety of patients, visitors and care-givers.

Oasis Glider mental health seating also features:

  • Durable polyurethane arms for increased patient comfort
  • Innovative glider mechanism for smooth motion
  • Non-removable back seat cushions

Take a peek at the Oasis Glider product page for more information.

MORE Options: Good, Better, Best from Stance Healthcare

Good better best

At Stance Healthcare, we believe it’s nice to have options. That’s why we offer our customers Good, Better and Best options in many categories. And, of course, each option in the category has a distinct price point.

Options for Any Budget

It just seems logical to us to give customers the opportunity to buy according to need or budget. But it’s not a common industry practise. The typical manufacturer of healthcare-specific furniture provides only one option in a category. Or they offer multiple product choices but all at one price level. And for many buyers the options are either too rich in price or too thin on quality or features.

AttessaBuying Based on the Demands of Your Unique Space

Stance customers can buy based on the demands of the particular environment in which the product will be used or based on economy. So, in these categories, we have an option for an end user that requires the most durable product available and at least two other lower-priced options for those who don’t. By the way, our good and lowest priced option in any category is still a healthcare-specific product designed and built in North America with materials manufactured in North America.

For example, we offer five metal seating lines and all at distinct price levels. In order of price, the lines include the entry level Accent Stacking Chair, Legend, Integrity, Vista II and the top of the line, Oasis. It’s nice to have options.

More Options in a Variety of Products & Materials

level-certifiedStance offers good, better and best products in a variety of categories, including wood seating, case goods, behavioral health seating, overbed tables and sleep products.
Each offering in the category is distinguished from the others by quality and price.

And we’re developing new and enhancing current products on a continuous basis. So, we’re adding more categories with good, better, best options to our line. Case in point: we have two new recliners in development to add to our Oasis Recliner.

Good, better and best options, priced accordingly, from Stance Healthcare. It’s our unique stance in the marketplace.

Vista II Seating: More Features & Options Than Ever

vista IIFrom hospital ERs, to specalized clinics, to assisted living spaces, the Vista II Seating Collection can be specified to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Now, the Vista II Seating Collections features even more choices than ever including:

  • Square or round back style
  • Wood or polyurethane arm caps
  • Available in 2 seat widths – 21” and 24”
  • Optional Flex-Back available for Guest and Patient chairs
  • Two “sit” options – ”less firm” or “more firm”
  • Customizable seat height
  • 2 & 3 seaters offer 3 arm options: no center arm, half center arm, or full center arm

Browse the Vista II Collection II

Meet Riviera: A Fresh Take on Healthcare Lounge Seating

healthcare lounge seating

Look no further designers! We’re proud to introduce Riviera, Stance Healthcare’s new collection of healthcare lounge seating designed with medical spaces in mind.

Our Riviera Collection is the perfect fit for healthcare environments:

  • Available in Lounge Chair, Two-Seat Sofa, and Three-Seat Sofa
  • Unique, transitional style creates a modern wingback appeal
  • Seat cushion fits snugly yet is easily removable for cleaning
  • “Flow-through” design eliminates entrapment of dirt
  • Tapered legs available in wood or metal are field-replaceable

healthcare lounge seating

Want to find our more about Riviera Healthcare Lounge Seating?

Click here to view the full statement of line, brochure, specs, pricing, and other details.

Introducing the New Victory Overbed Table Collection

Overbed Table

We’re excited to announce our new Victory Overbed Table Collection! For this collection, it’s all about convenience and ease-of-use. The Victory line is compatible with late-model beds, stretchers, mobile recliners, and wheelchairs, and is available in 7 great finishes.

Here are some of our favourite Victory Overbed Table features:

  • A pneumatic cylinder that sets a new standard for smooth and silent operation
  • Infinite height adjustment from 29″-45”
  • Room for a food tray & an electronic device with its oversized thermoformed top with spill containment
  • A low-profile base in a “U” configuration, compatible with other healthcare furniture

Want to see more of the Victory collection?

Click here to take a peek at the entire Statement of Line, brochure, gallery, pricing and other important info!

Polyurethane PVC-Free Fabrics for Healthcare

Polyurethane Fabrics

PVC-Free Fabric by Stance Healthcare supplier, CF Stinson.

If you buy or sell healthcare furniture, at some point you may have asked questions such as, What is a PVC fabric? What is a PVC-free fabric? And why do I need to know?

Let us answer your last question first: because you’re a pro. No, c’mon, you are. And professionals must continue to learn, and that’s what you’re doing. Look at you: learning stuff and everything.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. There is some debate about the use of PVC. Claims have been made that it can lead to adverse health effects, and some end users have taken steps to limit its use. For example, ten years ago, Kaiser Permanente opted for PVC-free carpeting in all its facilities. So, a PVC-free fabric does not contain polyvinyl chloride. Now, your inquiring mind is asking, How do I identify fabrics that are PVC-free?

Identifying PVC-Free Fabrics

Look for fabrics made of polyurethane or PU. The popularity of Polyurethane as an upholstery material for healthcare applications is growing. That’s because PU is free of polyvinyl chloride. PU is also durable and supple; it breathes and has an attractive appearance.

And the environmental benefits of Polyurethane are many. It:

  • Decomposes quicker than PVC
  • Incinerates more safely
  • Emits a lower level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • It is phthalate-free (phthalates [pronounced thalates] are a group of chemicals added to plastics for flexibility and durability, aka plasticizers)

Not all PU is created equally

There are at least three kinds of Polyurethane fabrics: polycarbonate, polyether and polyester. For healthcare applications, look for PU made from polycarbonate resins. In fact, both the so-called skin and base layers of the PU should be made of polycarbonate resin.

Choose Polycarbonate PU for Healthcare Environments

Polycarbonate PU-based fabric offers the best stain resistance and cleanability. And it provides what is known as the highest hydrolysis resistance. Hydrolysis is the process by which humidity and heat degrade the cell structure of a PU, resulting in a flaking, brittle surface. (By the way, polyurethane is a polymer, and a polymer is many molecules strung together. The process of hydrolysis breaks the bonds between the molecules resulting in decay.) Even in a controlled healthcare environment, humidity and body heat can break down a poor-quality PU, over time. So, it’s wise to select a PU fabric with at least a 5-year hydrolysis rating.

Good to Know

PU is not the last word in healthcare fabrics, however. It isn’t as durable as vinyl (yet), and it’s more expensive. However, product development continues, and the durability of PU is going up and the prices are coming down.

For more, follow this link to a PowerPoint presentation from one of our suppliers, CF Stinson, that illustrates these points about Polyurethane fabrics in greater detail.