Design for Environment

Stance Healthcare
Design for Environment Statement
Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products begin during the design and development phase.Whenever an existing product is changed, or a new one is being developed, we will take into account the environmental impact of materials chosen; including their origin, use of our products, and end-of-life recovery options. Employing this concept, we will give preference to renewable, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials and will also make design considerations to conserve raw materials, water and energy.

Each design prototype must be assessed by the Stance Healthcare Design for Environment (DfE) Program during product realization prior to the actual manufacture of the final product This tool assesses the environmental performance of both the proposed product itself and the processes that would be used to manufacture it. At a minimum this analysis must consider the following DfE elements:

• Renewable materials
• Recycled materials
• Recyclable and biodegradable materials
• End of life management
• Water management
• Energy efficiency

DfE is an iterative process: Output generated from the analysis of each design prototype using the Stance Healthcare DfE Program must inform the next generation of the design process until the desired environmental performance of the final product is achieved.