Behavioral Health Webinar Day – July 30th, 2020

In partnership with The Center for Health Design, we’re thrilled to offer 2 free behavioral health educational opportunities at the end of this month.

Webinar 1
Behavioral Health Outpatient Care in a Post Pandemic World

  • Understand how the pandemic has impacted outpatient behavioral health care.
  • Identify pandemic-inspired changes to reimbursement and operational models.
  • Explore new priorities and solutions related to outpatient behavioral health design.
  • Formulate conclusions about what changes will remain, and what will return to normal.

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Webinar 2
Recent Mental Health Projects: The Newest Lessons Learned

  • Learn about changes in CMS and Joint Commission patient safety requirements and the cascading impact of those requirements on mental health project costs, scope, and schedules.
  • Identify early lessons learned from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both operating mental health facilities and projects in the planning and design process.
  • Explore recent and emerging clinical changes impacting mental health facility design.
  • Understand the underlying rationale for recent trends in the mental health facility planning and design.

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Stance Healthcare, Panaz Collaboration Brings Coronavirus-Fighting Healthcare Fabrics to North America

Now partnering with Panaz Banner


Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology featured in joint offering from the furniture designers, fabric suppliers

TORONTO, ON (May 21, 2020) – North American healthcare facilities will soon have access to new cleanable, antimicrobial furnishing options proven to fight Coronavirus thanks to a new collaboration between Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer for healthcare and behavioral health facilities, and Panaz, a supplier of high-quality healthcare fabrics.

Known for their leadership in innovative healthcare furniture design, Stance Healthcare is the first company to offer card selections from Panaz, a UK fabric supplier for over 30 years specializing in antimicrobial treatments. The collaboration solidifies Panaz’s official entry into the North American medical marketplace, just as the company’s innovative Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology was recently deemed effective against the Coronavirus following extensive testing. Panaz specializes in antimicrobial treatments, resilient and high-performance finishes and intelligent textiles that promote a sense of well-being and aid recovery in healthcare environments.

Shieldplus by Panaz™ Anti-Microbial Technology attracts microbes (viruses, fungi and bacteria), physically destroying them immediately on impact. It has the broadest spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, including C-Diff Spore and viruses. Cleanability is critical to mitigating hospital-acquired infections caused by viruses, especially in the current healthcare environment still battling the novel Coronavirus, which has infected over 4 million people worldwide as of May 2020. The efficiency of the products has been tested for continued performance after multiple washes and years of use.

“For every product we design, Stance Healthcare is laser-focused on supporting cleanable, sterile healthcare settings – and that mission has never been more urgent,” said Carl Kennedy, Stance Healthcare’s president. “This collaboration with Panaz bolsters our capacity to deliver on this commitment, and we are thrilled to be the first to bring Panaz’s virus-fighting furniture materials to the North American market. In today’s healthcare environment, and as we move forward, an even greater emphasis will be placed on fabric cleanability and durability. I believe Panaz will exhibit strong leadership in this area.”

Stance Healthcare, for their part, has been recognized in recent years for their intuitive furniture designs which are safe, durable, and highly cleanable, without sacrificing comfort. The company’s collections are also known to offer features which anticipate and subtly address the needs of end-users, including the ways they can be cleaned. The collaboration with Panaz is a natural expansion of the company’s sterility-focused fabrics portfolio.

“Our market-leading healthcare fabrics are designed for challenging environments that demand the best. In these unprecedented times, we thank Stance Healthcare for helping us offer our technology that is effective against the Coronavirus,” said Luke Spink Panaz’s Eastern USA & Canada, Sales Manager. “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Stance Healthcare, and to growing our impact in the North American market, to the benefit of every patient, visitor, and healthcare worker using these products.”

Stance Healthcare has carded six ShieldPlus by Panaz™ Technology selections from the Panaz Healthcare Performance Fabrics collection. Fabric Cards will be available in early July on the Stance Healthcare website at Contact Stance Healthcare customer service 1-877-395-262 for more information.

Stance Healthcare Taps Cesar Fernandes to Lead Design, Development

In new role, Fernandes will expand company’s healthcare, Behavioral Health product innovations

TORONTO, ON (March 31, 2020) – Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer for healthcare and Behavioral Health facilities, is pleased to announce the hiring of Cesar Fernandes as the company’s new Product Design & Development Manager. A furniture design industry veteran, Fernandes will focus on continuing to develop and evolve Stance Healthcare’s product offerings, which merge comfort and function with cleanability, safety, and pleasing aesthetics.

The hire comes as demand for innovative healthcare and Behavioral Health furniture continues to grow alongside evolving standards for care in medical, wellness, and mental health treatment environments. Fernandes joins the Stance team on the heels of an award-winning year which recognized their signature approach to designing with dignity in mind.

“There’s never been a better time to join Stance Healthcare. Every product Stance creates is designed to support healing environments, and that’s a mission that we’re only going to keep building on,” said Fernandes. “I’m looking forward to working with this talented team to help shape the direction for our exciting new products, as we continue to advance our development process overall.”

Fernandes begins his tenure with Stance Healthcare amid several new product announcements, including February’s joint rollouts of Huxley, a new lounge seating collection for modern healthcare environments, and the addition of two new products to the award-winning Frontier collection for Behavioral Health. Stance Healthcare’s president, Carl Kennedy, forecasts more product innovations to come in 2020 for the company, which proudly offers a variety of easy-to-clean, durable, and sustainable material selections.

“Cesar brings a wealth of knowledge to our growing team, which is dedicated to making the most innovative and high-quality products for healthcare settings,” said Kennedy. “With his guidance and enthusiasm at the helm of product development, we’ll continue delivering on our mission while expanding our capabilities.”

Designing for Behavioral Health: Terminology, dignity, and minimizing distraction

Stance Healthcare was proud to co-sponsor a recent webinar from The Center for Health Design on designing for Behavioral Health settings. In addition to providing timely insight into the many considerations that go into Behavioral Health facility planning, the presentation reinforced much of the “why” behind what we do to support these environments with our furniture. Below are key takeaways connecting to our Behavioral Health design approach here at Stance Healthcare:

  1. First things first: Understand and use correct terminology. Behavioral Health design requires an adherence to certain levels of compliance and safety precautions which are not factors in other healthcare settings. Specifically, facility planners must prioritize self-harm safeguards for every room in a BH facility. To this end, key terms like ligature-resistant (suicide-preventive), tamper-resistant (unable to be removed or altered), shatter-resistant (unable to be made into shards for self-harm), pick-proof (unable to be peeled back), and sealed (not able to be used to hide weapons or contraband) are frequent qualifiers for materials in a BH space, and must be readily accessible for both furniture designers and facility planners. Stance Healthcare’s Behavioral Health collections check all these boxes, and more.
  2. The ‘new’ approach to BH prioritizes dignity in the healing process. Mental and Behavioral Health treatment philosophy has evolved from the past era that conjures uncomfortable and, in some cases, inhumane experiences for patients – and advanced toward more therapeutic settings which are truly focused on the patient’s healing process. Dignity is a guiding principle behind Stance Healthcare’s BH design philosophy, and our award-winning Frontier collection showcases how we provide both comfort and pleasing aesthetics alongside durability and functionality. We take pride in designing innovative and intuitive furniture that anticipates the needs of Behavioral Health patients, caregivers, and visitors.
  3. Furniture, like anything else in a BH environment, shouldn’t be a distraction. In the effort to support a healing-oriented space, facility planners must select furnishings that encourage calm. The best way to do this? Choose furniture that isn’t loud – in color, in shape, or even in function. In other words, BH furniture should offer muted, non-distracting colors; simple, pleasing, and practical shapes; and straightforward function that serves a useful purpose for patients, and nothing more. Such considerations are what we had in mind for Stance Healthcare’s Frontier bed, with its discreet fluid removal features, and counterpart Frontier flip-style bedside table, which can accommodate approved personal items.

In this time of growing demand for Mental and Behavioral Health treatment environments, we are always appreciative of the opportunity to discuss best practices. Stay tuned to Stance Healthcare’s social media and blog for continued insights and BH product announcements throughout the year.

Behavioral Health Design Webinar




Behavioral Health Design Webinars & Workshops

Once again, we have partnered with The Center for Healthcare Design (CHD) to provide resources and educational opportunities to the design community. This year we are sponsoring two webinar series and two interactive workshops focused on designing for mental and behavioral health environments.

The first webinar will take place on February 27th at 1pm EST and will focus on the building as a therapeutic tool. The webinar highlights a case study of the ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development and explores how the design caused the building itself to become a tool for therapy, learning, and teaching. The second webinar that day will take place at 3pm EST and will focus on adapting existing healthcare spaces to suit behavioral health requirements. During this webinar there will be discussion regarding the complexity, terminology and methodology of designing a behavioral health facility. The date and content of the second webinar series will be announced shortly.

We’ve been supporting the Center for Health Design’s Behavioral Health Strategic Design Workshops since they began a few years ago. This year, the workshops will take place on May 21st in Los Angeles, CA, and September 23rd in Baltimore, MD. At each of these workshops you will hear the industry’s leading behavioral health facility design experts share how design is making a difference in the lives of children and adults faced with behavioral and mental health conditions.

Behavioral Health Design Workshop

As always, we enjoy partnering with the Center for Health Design so that we may help provide programs of value to the diverse healthcare design industry.

Welcoming a Bright, Busy Year Ahead

Happy New Year! 2020 is just a few weeks old, but in many ways, this has already been a year of big wins for Stance Healthcare. Our team has long been hard at work to prepare the next wave of products and resources bringing our unique mission to market. On the heels of a fantastic 2019, here’s a sneak peek at what we’re looking forward to in the year ahead:

  • A new venue for experiencing our products. As demand for our innovative healthcare furniture grows, Stance Healthcare will soon provide potential customers with a new opportunity to experience our products in-person. Stay tuned for more on this exciting development in early spring! In the meantime, here’s a hint: Our American friends won’t need a passport to get there.
  • Focusing on Behavioral Health. As pioneers in Behavioral Health design, Stance Healthcare innovates award-winning products that prioritize dignity in the treatment process, improving the quality of healthcare experiences for patients, visitors, and caregivers. We’ll continue working in 2020 to meet this growing need with more products that support healing environments – beginning with new product announcements as soon as February.
  • High standards that hold our mission accountable. There’s never been a better time to practice sustainability – and at Stance Healthcare, it’s always a priority as we consider the comfort and quality of materials for patients. As we continue to expand our product offerings, Stance Healthcare’s commitment to bringing trustworthy products to the healthcare environments we serve will grow along with us.
  • Advancing our expertise in the healthcare space. Stance Healthcare is proud to be recognized as a trailblazer and expert in the healthcare design industry. In 2020, we’ll continue honing our expertise in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. To name just a few opportunities we’re excited about: In addition to attending two workshops on Behavioral Health specifically, Stance Healthcare is looking forward to participating in the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, continuing our presence at NeoCon, and having a larger booth at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo and Conference.
  • A new look for our brand. This year, we’re rolling out a refreshed look for the Stance Healthcare brand! Our team is in the process of developing new brand standards and materials that better communicate our aesthetic and design philosophy.

These are just a few of the many exciting initiatives I’m excited to lead the Stance Healthcare team toward this year. We look forward to serving you in 2020!


Continued Support for the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers


For the second year in a row we have committed to being a Gold level partner for the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers.  We believe Certified Healthcare Interior Designers are an important asset to the industry as they understand healthcare design challenges and work towards enhancing the health, quality and safety of healthcare interior environments.  Stance Healthcare and the AAHID are both committed to transforming the healthcare environment into one for healing, improving outcomes and maximizing efficiency.

AAHID is a nonprofit organization committed to the development and administration of the only certification program for healthcare interior designers. It is not a membership organization, but rather an organization that board-certifies interior designers in the U.S. and Canada that specialize in acute care, ambulatory care, and residential care facility design.

Product Highlights from 2019

One of the greatest highlights from last year was launching 9 new product collections, and having one of them earn the prestigious Nightingale Gold Award in the category of furniture collections.  Below is a recap of the products we launched in 2019:

Attessa Jr. Modular Seating Collection 
Inspired by our Attessa modular lounge seating collection, Attessa Jr. is designed for children and offers flexible designs for a wide range of pediatric spaces. The child-friendly modular components of Attessa Jr. are built with durability and safety as a top priority.

Upholstered Drum Tables
Providing versatility in healthcare environments, these drum tables are available in a variety of sizes and combinations, and can also be used for additional seating or as an ottoman.

Porto Bench
The beautiful design of our Porto Bench has been well received by the contract furniture industry.  It was included in seating spotlights for both Healthcare Design Magazine and Interiors + Sources Magazine.

Verity for Behavioral Health
Our popular Verity Lounge Seating Collection was redesigned for behavioral health environments and includes safety features such as no exposed fasteners and upholstery staples, as well as a non-removable cushion and steel legs.

Verona Lounge Collection
Verona’s eye-catching aesthetic will transform any healthcare public space. Collection includes single lounge chair , love seat and three-seat sofa, all available with an optional contrasting fabric band.

Zurich Occasional Table
The Zurich collection includes coordinating coffee tables and end tables, in a classic modern style as the perfect finishing touch to any sitting area.

Kalarne Lounge Collection
Combining a classical, residential aesthetic and a highly comfortable sit, Kalarne is ideal for today’s healthcare spaces. Kalarne Lounge chair can also be combined with the Kalarne love-seat and three-seat sofa for a continuous aesthetic.

Carson Lounge Collection
Designed for both healthcare and behavioral health environments. Carson Lounge Seating Collection offers a clean, rectilinear profile that conceals a structural steel framework and ensures a high level of durability.

Frontier Furniture Collection
Our award-winning rotationally-molded furniture collection for behavioral health is unique to the industry. The bed includes an innovative fluid management system and multi-use, “flip-style” bedside cabinet that supports various treatment modules. Also launching in early 2020 are coordinating desk, desk chair and wall-mount shelves.

Stance Healthcare is MAS Certified Green®

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare [Stance], a healthcare furniture manufacturer, receives MAS Certified Green® Low VOC Emitting Materials Certification.

Committed to continuous improvement in furniture sustainability, Stance voluntarily participated to have their products undergo rigorous volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions testing through the MAS Certified Green® program.

The drive behind emission testing is to limit the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into indoor environments. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.

Being Certified Green® is confirmation that Stance’s healthcare furniture has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured to dramatically lower chemical emissions released into the indoor healthcare environment.

“This is the future of manufacturing. We voluntarily participate in sustainability programs so that our customers know they can trust the products we are manufacturing for healthcare environments,” says President, Carl Kennedy.  “When developing products, we consider the environmental impact we have and look for sustainable solutions to our manufacturing processes.”

If you require more information on the MAS Certified Green® Low VOC Emitting Materials Certification please visit


Frontier Collection Wins Gold Nightingale Award

Last week at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, our Frontier Collection won the GOLD Nightingale Award in the furniture collections category.

The Nightingale Awards honor new products that are exhibited at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in November. Presented by Contract and Healthcare Design magazines in partnership with the Center for Health Design, the Nightingale Awards recognize contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing.  Complete List of Winners

Read the full press release here.

Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast Featuring Suzanne Fawley

HealthcareDesign2.0 Logo

Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 just released their latest episode featuring our very own Behavioral Health Interior Design consultant Suzanne Fawley. Have a listen.

Part 1: Suzanne Fawley – Behavioral Health Consultant at Stance Healthcare on her early childhood experiences in the ED where her mother was an RN and the director of the department. “There were times when the school bus let me off at the hospital,” explains Suzanne. “Most of the time I watched people, and noticed how they processed anger or hurt and pain, and illness.” This and more on the changing face of behavioral health design in part 1.

Part 2: In the second half of Cheryl’s conversation with Suzanne Fawley, Suzanne breaks down her first furniture design for Stance Healthcare, which won the Resilia/HD Nightingale Award. Suzanne shares, “Resilia offers the same cylinder shape table that is often seen in the industry, however, the surround is made out of forbo marmoleum which is an asbestos free flooring. You can’t pick at it and pull it apart or make it into a weapon. So it is very safe.” This and more on the intricacies of furniture built specifically for the behavioral health setting, and offered by Stance Healthcare.

New Products: Upholstered Drum Tables & Attessa Jr.

This month we launched two new collections. First, our Upholstered Drum Tables are available in a variety of sizes with an optional plinth base and/or solid surface top. These tables offer versatility in healthcare environments since they can also be used for additional seating or as an ottoman. Second, inspired by our Attessa modular lounge seating collection, Attessa Jr. is designed for children and offers flexible designs for a wide range of pediatric spaces. The child-friendly modular components of Attessa Jr. are build with durability and safety as a top priority.

Attessa Jr - Environment

But there’s more! You asked for it, and we’ve delivered. Our popular Cassia Lounge Collection is now available with open arms! Finally, we’ve also introduced a woodgrain powedercoat finish for our Kite Metal Folding Chairs. This finish has the warm look of wood, but the durability of metal. You can also view the Kite Metal Folding Chair in a woodgrian powdercoat finish at Healthcare Design Conference + Expo from November 3rd – 5th in New Orleans.

Stance Healthcare Launches New Website


Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare (Stance), a leader in healthcare furniture, is proud to announce the launch of their redesigned website. This site is product-focused, allowing manufacturer representatives, dealers, and the architecture and design community to navigate the site efficiently when researching healthcare furniture.

The website has been updated with a modern and minimalistic look and feel which is more representative of the company Stance is today. Users will also have a great browsing experience no matter what device they are using since the website has been re-developed to adapt to all devices and screen sizes.

The navigation menu has been revamped to be more intuitive, product information has been condensed to appear on a single webpage, and an abundance of new modern product imagery has been included. It is easier than ever for users to find what they’re looking for, whether it be pricing, images, or finishes. The website will continue to include a live chat feature – although it also has a brand-new look!

New sections of the website include an insights page for industry information and a dynamic gallery that links users to featured products. Users will also have the opportunity to get a realistic 360-degree view of select seating products, and the rep locator is now conveniently located on the homepage.

“We’ve built a website that is more image-based and supports the evolving needs of furniture specifiers,” says Carl Kennedy, President. “We want to make specifying our products as effortless as possible. The new look and feel of this website reflect the direction of the Stance brand, and is just one of many investments we are making in new technologies to both drive and support our growth”.

View the redesigned website at

Employees Increase Food Donations by 45%

For the fifth year in a row Stance Healthcare ended summer with a two-week long food drive benefiting The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.  Supporting the community in which we do business, employees cumulatively collected 853 lbs of food for the drive, an increase of 45% over last year! Stance Healthcare contributed donating an additional $5 for each pound of food collected, up to a maximum of $1500. The combined total provided over 5,100 meals to our hungry neighbors.

Over the last 5 years Stance Healthcare’s combined food and fund donations have provided over 24,000 meals to the 1 in 20 families in the community who are in need of food assistance.

Fifth annual food drive donations

A Refreshing Look on My Resource Library

This summer we made it a priority to update our binder on My Resource Library, a digital library and industry resource center for the contract furniture market. The new clean appearance gives dealers, designers and end users a refreshing look at our full product offering.  We’ve also utilized the binder’s side bars to provide expanded product information including specs, cleaning instructions, environmental information and pricing. The layout and imagery of the binder gives users a peek at what they can expect to see when we launch our new website in the coming months.

View our binder at My Resource Library:

Stance Healthcare Screen Shot on My Resource Library website

Expanded Behavioral & Mental Health Toolbox

Earlier this year the Center for Health Design re-launched the Behavioral & Mental Health toolbox.  It’s a valuable resource containing a library of research findings, expert insights, strategies and tools. This month the Center for Health Design added two new webinars to the toolbox:

Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Unit: A Solution to an overcrowded ED
This webinar will examine the Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Unit as a case study, including direct outcomes achieved by the project. Since opening, the unit has had a positive effect on the ED, lessening mental health patients in the ED and decreasing the psychiatric inpatient admission rates for patients.

Comprehensive Test Methods for Products in Behavioral Health Environments at the Design in Mental Health Network
This webinar will discuss some of the common challenges witnessed and used to develop the testing methods – with a focus on ligature performance and robustness.  Hear about their learnings about doors and windows which feature so highly with sentinel events that they needed their own category of testing.   Review key areas of risk within mental health environments and lessons learned about managing risk in reality.

Stance Healthcare Awarded New York and North Carolina State Contracts

Ontario, Canada – Effective immediately, Stance Healthcare (Stance) has been awarded a five-year contract with State of New York, and a 3-year contract with the State of North Carolina. Being a preferred supplier will significantly impact Stance’s visibility within the purchasing departments of respective government agencies.

These contracts will allow Stance to provide new high-quality commercial furniture in the following categories:

New York State North Carolina State
·       Seating ·       Wood Seating
·       Tables ·       Metal Seating
·       Specialty Seating ·       Dining Tables
·       Dormitory Furniture ·       Occasional Tables
·       Office Furniture ·       Lounge Seating

“Contracts bring positive growth to the business and help us maintain a competitive advantage,” says Carl Kennedy, President. “We are honored to have been awarded contracts with both New York and North Carolina this month. We are always working on new opportunities to work with government agencies, and understand the importance these relationships have on our business”.

The State selects vendors that provide the highest quality products at the best possible value. The lengthy award process included reviewing our current product offering and adhering to rigorous respective State contract requirements.


Over $22,000 Raised for Heart & Stroke



For the third year in a row, Stance Healthcare employees filled the 29-seater Big Bike and rode for 20 minutes through the streets of Kitchener. This year staff raised over $4000 for the popular fundraising event, which was generously matched by Stance Healthcare, for a combined total of over $8000!!

In the past three years Stance Healthcare’s big bike participation has raised over $22000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Donations are used to help fund critical research that’s preventing heart disease and stroke, saving lives and supporting survivors and their families.




NeoCon 2019 – See You At The Show!


linkedin - Join us at NeoCon

We’ve been busy!!  NeoCon, one of the most recognized and attended trade shows in the industry is just around the corner, and we’ve been preparing for the big day!  It’s going to be hard to beat last year’s award for best large booth design (400 sq. ft. or larger) from the IIDA, but we’re going to give it our best shot!

Held from June 10-12 at The Mart in Chicago, you’ll find us at booth 7-4050.  If you’re planning on attending the show, make sure to stop by and take a look at our recently launched Verona Lounge Seating Collection and our Frontier Collection specifically made for behavioral health – it even includes a “flip-style” bedside cabinet!  Not to mention, we will also have on display products currently in development and some that will be launching a few weeks following the show.

If you’re not able to attend, we’ve got you covered, we will be airing a Facebook Live event on Sunday at 1 PM (CT) to show you around our space prior to show opening.

And of course, a show isn’t complete without refreshments and a contest. On Monday June 10th from 3 – 5 PM (CT) join us for cocktails and your chance to win a GoPro.  We’ll be doing it all over again on Tuesday June 11thfrom 3 – 5 PM (CT) where we will continue to keep the refreshments flowing and you will have a chance to win a pair of wireless Bose headphones.

It’s going to be a great show!

Supporting Resources for Behavioral and Mental Health Design



A Partnership Focused on Evidence-Based Design Tools

Ontario, Canada – For the second year in a row, Stance Healthcare, a manufacturer of furniture for healing environments, has partnered with The Center for Health Design (CHD), the principal provider of healthcare design research, education and advocacy.

This ongoing partnership continues to focus on evidence-based design tools, resources and educational opportunities for behavioral and mental health design. More specifically, the expansion of their Behavioral & Mental Health toolbox, a workshop in September and informational webinars.

Re-launched this month, the Behavioral & Mental Health toolbox contains a library of research findings, expert insights, strategies, tools, and other useful resources connecting the built environment to better health outcomes and reduced cost of care. New resources this year include 6 webinars, 1 interview, 1 lessons learned document, 1 blog and 1 list of related resources. Stance Healthcare’s partnership with the CHD has made these toolbox materials available and free to all until March 2020.

In September Stance Healthcare will once again be sponsoring a Behavioral Health workshop focused on designing for mental and behavioral health facilities. Taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, attendees will gain insights and strategies on this growing area of design.

“With increased knowledge, we are undergoing an evolution of change when it comes to designing for behavioral health environments,” says Carl Kennedy, President. “We appreciate the value The Center for Health Design brings to the industry, and are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them again on this behavioral and mental health initiative.”

To access the complete toolbox, click here.

PRESS RELEASE: A NEW Frontier for Behavioral Health

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare announced today the launch of Frontier, a rotationally-molded collection for Behavioral Health consisting of a platform bed and bedside cabinet.

Constructed with high-impact polyethylene, continuously molded for maximum durability, Frontier features rounded corners and edges, providing a safe environment for patients. These products are easy to clean, and the bed features an innovative system that supports fluid removal.

Unique is the flip-style bedside cabinet for preferred configuration, providing designers with increased flexibility and highly usable space for patients to keep their personal belongings.  The Frontier bed and bedside cabinet have a more residential appeal than other rotationally-molded products on the market. Specifically, the floor-mount system for the bed was developed to have minimal impact on the overall aesthetics of the product, helping the patient feel at ease in their environment.

“We created this collection in response to the growing demand for behavioral health products with a residential appeal,” says President, Carl Kennedy.  “In consultation with healthcare designers and facility managers, we were able to develop a product that improves that quality of life for patients while maintaining the design specifications required for intensive use environments.”

The new Frontier collection will be showcased at the most important commercial design event of the year, NeoCon from June 10-12 in Chicago, and at the Healthcare Design Expo + Conference from November 2-5 in New Orleans.


RECAP: 2018 Product Introductions

We introduced 6 new products last year, from a modern wood seating collection to a line of case goods specifically designed for behavioral health. Find the complete list of 6 below:

 kite_metal_main2-150x150 Kite Metal Seating
Ideal for patient rooms and virtually any area where space is at a premium. Available in 16” and 18” seat widths, Kite is lightweight, highly durable and can be conveniently folded and stored on a wall bracket when not in use
Carson Recliner Carson Recliner
Designed for demanding healthcare environments including triage areas, infusion treatment spaces and patient rooms. Carson offers a high level of comfort for the patient, and great ease-of-use for the caregiver or family member.
marathon_03 Marathon Seating Collection
Featuring a fully-welded 14-gauge steel frame, molded foam and a glass-filled nylon arm that is virtually indestructible. Marathon is engineered to endure high levels of use over an extended period of time.
Gibraltar Case Goods Gibraltar Case Goods for Behavioral Health
This series features rounded aluminum legs that protect the cabinet from damage and offer a contemporary, residential aesthetic.
Carson Sleep Sofa Carson Sleep Sofa
This sleeper is user-friendly, easy to clean, and highly accommodative to the space constraints of patient rooms. Available as a Sleep Sofa with back and arms, or a compact Bench Sleeper with a small footprint.
Marna Seating Collection Marna Seating Collection
This collection combines modern, minimalist aesthetics with robust engineering methods that exceed all necessary requirements for outstanding performance in healthcare environments.

Supporting the Healthcare Design Industry

Gold Partner of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers

Gold Level Sponsor AAHID

We’ve enhanced our visibility within the AAHID by increasing our investment with the organization.  As a Gold level partner, we believe Certified Healthcare Interior Designers are an important asset to the industry as they understand healthcare design challenges and work towards enhancing the health, quality and safety of healthcare interior environments.  Stance Healthcare and the AAHID are both committed to transforming the healthcare environment into one for healing, improving outcomes and maximizing efficiency.

AAHID is a nonprofit organization committed to the development and administration of the only certification program for healthcare interior designers. It is not a membership organization, but rather an organization that board-certifies interior designers in the U.S. and Canada that specialize in acute care, ambulatory care, and residential care facility design.

NEW Kite Metal Folding Chair

Eblast Header (PressRelease)
Kite Metal Folding Chair

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare announced today the release of a new metal folding chair for the healthcare industry. The metal version of the Kite Folding Chair has a highly durable powdercoated frame and is ideal when space is at a premium.

The design is based on the existing kite folding chair which boasts a highly durable wood frame. Both the wood and metal versions of the Kite Metal Chair can be conveniently folded and stored on a wall bracket when not in use, making it ideal for patient rooms.

“It’s simple. The industry was asking for a metal version of our popular kite folding chair – so we delivered” says President, Carl Kennedy.  “We appreciate the feedback we receive from the industry and make it our mission to provide solutions for the challenges they face when designing for healthcare environments. In this instance it was a metal chair that could fold and be stored easily while meeting the rigorous criteria required for hospitals and medical clinics.”

The Kite Metal Folding Chair is available in 16” and 18” seat depths and offers an array of features and options:

  • Contoured back and waterfall seat design
  • Replaceable seat and back cushions
  • Optional protective wall bumper on back of chair
  • Chair depth when mounted to wall is 7.5”

To see the Kite Metal Folding Chair, visit or visit Booth# 835 at Healthcare Design Expo + Conference from November 10 – 13 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona.  For show information visit

5 Behavioral Health Educational Sessions You’ll Want to Attend at HCD 2018

This year  Healthcare Design Expo + Conference is taking place in Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. Seeing that we are a company located North of the border, we’re certainly looking forward to this event! You’ll find us at booth# 835 encouraging you to try the sit of our new Kite Metal Folding Chair and giving away adorable coloring books. Did you know coloring can reduce stress and anxiety levels?

While at the conference, you’ll also want to catch one of these 5 sessions focused on designing for Behavioral Health:

E01: Psychiatric Ward Design Can Reduce Aggressive Behavior
Sunday, November 11th, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

This presentation describes a design theory proposing that aggression in psychiatric facilities can be reduced by designing the physical environment with several evidence-grounded stress-reducing features. The theory was tested in a newer hospital in Sweden having wards with nearly all the features. Clinical data on aggressive behavior, compulsory injections, and physical restraints were compared with data from an older facility that had only one stress-reducing feature. Aggression levels were lowest in the newer facility, as evidenced by reductions in compulsory injections and physical restraints. The research suggests that designing better psychiatric buildings using reasoned theory, the best available evidence, and dialogue with informed clinical staff can reduce the major safety threat posed by aggressive behavior.

A12: Institute for Patient-Centered Design Educational Session – Behavioral Health Innovation
Sunday, November 11, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

This session will explore research and development of a behavioral health patient room, in which facility designers not only focused on the space, but they redesigned each component of the room to create a safer, more patient friendly solution.

I05: Safety for All: Keeping Patients and Staff Safe in Behavioral Health
Sunday, November 11, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Mental health awareness is on the rise and there is a is a marked increase in patients presenting at emergency departments who require treatment for mental health issues. This unique patient population has very specific needs and requires environments that are safe for both the patient and the staff. This roundtable will review two case studies of built behavioral health areas within the existing emergency department. Attendees will get an in-depth look at the materials, products, and systems developed to provide safe and durable environments and discuss the outcomes.

E89: A Holistic Approach to Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities
Tuesday, November 13, 2018: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

The Neuro-Diagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center is Indiana’s first new state mental hospital since 1952. First of its kind, this facility will diagnosis and develop treatment plans for all ages with a wide range of brain-related illnesses. The facility, scheduled to begin serving patients in early 2019, will be a key component allowing Indiana to be equipped to diagnose and care for those who suffer from neurological and mental health disorders. The design utilizes the existing Community East infrastructure to form a new facility and a connector between the two buildings, with a variety of new systems and state-of-the-art equipment.

E109: A Joining of Hands: Holistically Caring for the Behavioral Health Patient
Tuesday, November 13, 2018: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

“Improved access for patients,” “hotel-like care environments,” and “modern treatment facilities” are buzz words we hear today in the healthcare design industry. Unfortunately, behavioral health-focused facilities are often excluded from this conversation. This regional hospital behavioral health expansion is having that conversation. The project not only seeks to create modern facilities, but will consolidate behavioral health services into one building, allowing staff collaboration and access to patients from crisis intervention to outpatient counseling. This presentation will highlight the design and collaboration process with clinicians as well as strategies for flexibility and growth for the future, implemented with design team assistance.

Haven’t signed up yet for the show? Register here!

Annual Food Drive Collects 597 lbs of Food

For the fourth year in a row Stance Healthcare ended summer with a two-week long (August 20 – 31st) food drive benefiting The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.  Supporting the community in which we do business, employees cumulatively collected 597 lbs of food for the drive. Stance Healthcare contributed donating an additional $5 for each pound of food collected!

Stance Healthcare’s Big Bike Ride Raises Over $7,500

The unpredictable weather didn’t prevent the staff at Stance Healthcare from participating in the Heart and Strokes Big Bike fundraising event for the second year in a row.  Employees eagerly rode the Big Red Bike through the streets of Kitchener for about 20 minutes.  Surpassing last year’s fundraising dollars, staff raised over $3000, our suppliers donated over $1000, and Stance Healthcare generously matched the employees fundraising goal, for a combined fundraising total of over $7,500!

The funds raised help ensure that critical research in hospitals and universities across Canada can continue. It supports the vision of creating healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Top 5 Highlights from NeoCon 2018

NeoCon, the most important contract furniture event of the year, is always an overwhelming experience – from long elevator lines and getting lost on the show floor to the overload of texture, color, and inspiration! Below are our Top 5 Highlights from NeoCon 2018:


One of our top highlights from NeoCon 2018 had to be our show space. Interior Designer Suzanne Fawley created a space that could be remembered, an experience – a place where conversations take place. Before the show we were ecstatic to hear that Stance Healthcare had won the award for Best Large Booth Design from the IIDA and Contract Magazine. If you didn’t have a chance to see the space, you can visit it on Instagram, or view the 360 pictures on Facebook.

Large Booth Design Award


Interior Design’s HiP Award recognizes innovative products at NeoCon. And although we didn’t win, one of the highlights from NeoCon 2018 was when our Carson Sleeper won “honoree” status in the health & wellness furniture category.  This sleeper has a small footprint and can be specified according to the space available.


Our manufacturer reps spent a lot of time perusing our space with clients and providing us with feedback on products currently in development. Below were some of their favorites:

Attessa Curve Modular Seating

Attessa Curved – This modular lounge seating has a curved back and seat, providing a softer look to suit a wide range of spaces. Its modular components are built to serve high-traffic, public areas.

Attessa Pods

Attessa “Pod” – This product was developed as we begin to see more application for private spaces in healthcare. This is the same product as our current Attessa, but with the added height of privacy panels.

Corina Lounge

Carina Lounge – Another option in lounge seating, this collection has sleek geometric lines creating a more contemporary look. Bold, yet sophisticated.


Of course, a list of highlights from NeoCon 2018 wouldn’t be complete without seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. As always, we enjoyed a visit with our fabric suppliers who gave us the inside scoop on what’s new in textiles. A virtual reality session from Kisp made me think more about where this industry is going concerning technology. The only bit of swag we were able to pick up came from a visit to Project Matrix where we received a wine tumbler (not that I’m complaining).  Lastly, thank you to our good friends from My Resource Library who were decked out in green and stopped by for a visit.



Work hard, play hard…right? We started off the show on Sunday evening with a tame dinner but finished with good times at Howl at the Moon.  The three days that followed were mostly spent in the booth during the day but eating some classic Chicago food in the evening – deep dish pizza anyone?!

Those are the highlights from NeoCon 2018 – see you next year!

Behavioral Health Workshop Sponsored by Stance Healthcare

vista_II_bh_headerOn September 27th 2018, The Center for Healthcare Design is hosting a Behavioral Health Workshop titled Strategic Facility Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line. Stance Healthcare is proud to sponsor this interactive workshop that enables design professionals to employ physical design strategies and methodologies that support improved care for behavioral health. The workshop will feature industry thought leaders and real-world strategies that support behavioral health populations.

This type of learning opportunity aligns with Stance Healthcare’s vision of providing behavioral health patients with safe and comfortable healing environments. Stance Healthcare’s furnishings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet able to withstand intense environments, and are easy-to-clean.  They have also been developed in consultation with healthcare interior designers, behavioral health practitioners, facility managers and housekeeping staff.

If you are intending to design new mental and behavioral health facilities, or wishing to evaluates the quality of your existing facility, you should attend this educational session. By registering for the workshop before July 31st, you’ll receive early bird pricing.  Registration details can be found on The Center for Healthcare Design’s website:

NeoCon 2018 – Spaces Healthcare Specifiers Won’t Want to Miss

This year NeoCon 2018 will be celebrating its 50th edition as the world’s leading platform and one of the most important events of the year for the healthcare design industry. NeoCon 2018 will take place at The Mart from Monday, June 11th to Wednesday, June 13th hosting over 500 leading companies.  With so many manufacturers and emerging companies in the categories of furniture, fabrics, flooring, and technology, it can be challenging to decide which ones to visit first! Below is our “don’t miss” guide to helping you navigate NeoCon 2018:

Stinson – 10-150

Stinson helps make healthcare seating come to life! This year at NeoCon 2018, Stinson will introduce their Habitat Collection which explores unique yearns and inviting patterns that connect with our comfort zones. Stinson Fabric

Project Matrix – 7-3130

ProjectMatrix was founded in 1987 by dealer design professionals who wanted a better choice than the existing software available for space planning and specification. This year at NeoCon 2018 they will be unveiling their new look, demonstrating software updates and giving away some swag. Stance Healthcare is happy to be one of the manufacturer libraries available in ProjectMatrix.

MRL – 7-3130

If you haven’t heard of My Resource Library, you might be living under a rock. They are the premier digital library serving the contract market; and this year you will find them exhibiting with Project Matrix. Together they will be showing the new integration capabilities within MRL, Project Matrix and CET Designer.  Also, if you find a MRL team member during the show, you’ll be rewarded with a gift card to Starbucks!

 VividBoard – 1060


A GMI company, VividBoard specializes in whiteboards that can improve patient care, patient relationships with an overall staff satisfaction. This year they are excited to be in a brand-new showroom at The Mart. Stop by for a tour and see some of their new product introductions. Also, on Monday they will be hosting a cocktail party on June 11th from 2-5pm to celebrate their new space.

Stance Healthcare – 7-4050

Of course, we would love for you to stop by our new space! This year our booth size has doubled to include 850 square feet of high-quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare industry as it relates to infection control, safety, design, and comfort. Newly released products you can expect to see at the show include the Marna Seating Collection and Carson Sleeper. We will also be hosting cocktails on Monday, June 11th from 3 – 5 pm to celebrate our enhanced space.

Click here to read more about our new space

Enjoy the show!

Supporting Mental Health Awareness

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. May is known as Mental Health Awareness month, and we are working with NAMI to help “cure stigma”.

As a manufacturer of furniture for behavioral health environments, this cause is especially important to us.  When speaking with behavioral health professionals we often hear of the shame, fear and silence stigma can cause, often preventing people from seeking help and treatment.

This month, in partnership with NAMI, we are spreading the word about mental health awareness and helping to cure the stigma.  Partnerships such as these are a vital part of building the mental health movement. This year we’ve also donated $5000 to NAMI in an effort to help them educate individuals and educators, advocate for national public policy and lead public awareness activities such as Mental Health Awareness month and the #CureStigma campaign.

Stigma harms the 1 in 5 Americans affected by mental health conditions. It shames them into silence, and in some cases, even takes lives. We can #CureStigma with compassion, empathy and understanding. Take the quiz today to find out how you can #CureStigma.

The prevalence of mental health can be seen in the statistics below:

About NAMI

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

NAMI started as a small group of families gathered around a kitchen table in 1979 and has blossomed into the nation’s leading voice on mental health. Today, they are an association of hundreds of local affiliates, state organizations and volunteers who work in your community to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need. three more words

Webinar: Designing for Adolescents in Mental Health Crisis: A Story of Research, Innovation, and Hope

We are a proud sponsor of the upcoming webinar: Designing for Adolescents in Mental Health Crisis: A Story of Research, Innovation, and Hope

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time in one’s life. Mental health conditions often surface during this stage, and it may be the first time that some patients enter an inpatient behavioral health unit. How can design best support this patient population that is transitioning from childhood to adulthood? Learn how a design team utilized research, Lean processes, and innovation to solve the challenges of this unique patient population for the 27-bed Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit in Tacoma, Washington. Find out how design can support a seclusion- and restraint-free care model and how pushing beyond the conventions of behavioral healthcare design was achieved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hear current trends in behavioral healthcare models that impact the design of the built environment.
  • Examine how research influenced and contributed to shaping the environment and the attitudes of clinical operations, design, and construction teams.
  • Learn about highly specialized spaces and innovations in behavioral health design that contribute to improved safety for patients and staff.
  • Learn how Lean tools were utilized to quickly gain consensus, innovate, meet an aggressive project schedule, and achieve goals.

Register here.

Top Healthcare Design Links in March

Below are our top 3 healthcare design links in March:

New Product Alert – Carson Sleeper
Everyone must be interested in getting more sleep as our post on our new Carson sleeper received the most attention we’ve seen in a while! It’s no wonder, this sleeper is user-friendly and its bench is ideal for patient rooms where space is at a premium.

Partnership with The Center for Health Design
This month we were happy to announce our partnership with The Center for Health Design.  Together we are producing some great tools and educational opportunities related to designing for behavioral and mental health. Most recently we were involved in the launch of the Behavioral Health toolbox.  View the tool box here.

3 Crucial Considerations When Design A Waiting Room
Our latest blog post was a hit! Waiting happens in almost every healthcare setting, which is why it’s design is so important in healthcare design. The 3 crucial considerations discussed in this blog post include overall layout, furniture selection and incorporating design elements.

Partnership With The Center for Health Design

Header - Partnership with the center for health design

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare, a manufacturer of furniture for healing environments, has partnered with The Center for Health Design (CHD), the principal provider of healthcare design research, education and advocacy.

The partnership focuses on evidence-based design tools, resources and educational opportunities for behavioral and mental health design. More specifically, the creation of a topic toolbox, informational webinars, an interactive workshop and a continuing education course.

Launched in February, the Behavioral & Mental Health toolbox contains a library of newly-created and CHD staff-curated content – research findings, expert insights, strategies, tools, and other useful resources connecting the built environment to better health outcomes and reduced cost of care. Stance Healthcare’s partnership with the CHD has made these toolbox materials available and free to all until March 2019. A CEU course approved for AIA/EDAC credit will also be available later this year.

On September 27th Stance Healthcare is proud to sponsor a Behavioral Health workshop focused on Strategic Facility Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line. Taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, attendees will gain insight into existing standards and behavioral health models, strategies that address behavioral health across various population groups, design methodologies that hinder or enhance behavioral health and case studies of state-of-the-art facilities that support behavioral health.

“With one in five adults being affected by a behavioral and mental health condition in the U.S. each year, it’s important to understand how design can provide patients with a healing and therapeutic environment,” says Carl Kennedy, President. “We appreciate the value The Center for Health Design brings to the industry, and are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them on this behavioral and mental health initiative.”

To access the complete toolbox, click here.

To register for the workshop, click here.

NEW – Marna Seating Collection


Marna Series - High Res

The Marna Healthcare Seating Collection combines modern, minimalist aesthetics with robust engineering methods that exceed all necessary requirements for outstanding performance in healthcare environments.

Features and options include a limited lifetime warranty, 14-gauge internal steel seat frame, removable seat and back upholstery covers, wood side frames, flex-back option, custom wood frame finishes, contrasting fabrics and more!

You can see Marna’s sleek lines for yourself during a Facebook Live broadcast on February 1st at 2pm with our sales specialist Tracey. You will also have the opportunity to see our newest addition to wood seating in person at NeoCon in June.

Stance Healthcare Awarded Supplier Contract by Premier

Supplier Contract for Healthcare FurnitureOntario, Canada – Effective immediately, Stance Healthcare has been awarded a group purchasing agreement with Premier. Premier operates one of the largest national Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) in the United States, with membership of approximately 3,900 U.S. hospitals and more than 150,000 other provider organizations.

Stance Healthcare’s extensive collection of patient seating, recliners, bariatric seating, sleepover seating, guest seating, lounge seating, occasional tables and casegoods for General and Behavioral Healthcare applications are now offered in Premier’s carefully selected portfolio of choices to alliance members.

“As a growing manufacturer of healthcare furniture and a leader in Behavioral Health solutions, we are honored to be awarded this opportunity to provide quality furniture to members of Premier’s alliance of hospitals and health systems,” says Carl Kennedy, President. “We look forward to building a successful and collaborative long-term partnership with Premier based on creating value for their members”.

Members of Premier’s group purchasing organization select vendors they feel offer the highest quality products at the best value. Criteria can vary by category and is designed by members who have subject matter expertise on the product category being reviewed. Criteria includes; quality, safety, clinical impact, cost effectiveness, physician preference, environmental impact, diversity, breakthrough potential and member input.

Proud Sponsor of CHD Webinar Art + Science



On January 25th, The Center for Health Design is hosting a free webinar with 2017 Changemaker Award winner, Dr. Shepley.

Art and Science.  In their finest expressions, they are one and the same. We face complex problems and no single approach can provide all the answers.  One cannot be a socially responsible designer or scientist without using both intuition and research. This presentation will cite historical and contemporary examples of individuals who support their simultaneous use to achieve creativity. The presentation will include a discussion of the definitions of art and science and the nature of the human mind.

Participants will:

  • become aware of the relationship between art and science from ancient times to the present.
  • explore the definitions of art and science.
  • become exposed to theories regarding the nature of the human mind relative to the debate regarding the meaning of art and science.
  • evaluate themselves on the spectrum or artistic orientation versus scientific orientation.

More information here.

Stance Healthcare Welcomes Northwest Interior Solutions

Ontario, Canada – Stance Healthcare is pleased to announce the addition of Northwest Interior Solutions manufacturers rep group to the team.

Northwest Interior Solutions will represent Stance Healthcare products in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Partners, Gordon Ware and Joel London have over 40 years of experience working in the commercial furniture industry and are well-informed of current industry trends and developments.

“The desire to have Gordon and Joel represent Stance Healthcare was their understanding of the commercial furniture industry in the Northwest,” says Craig Gustafson, National Sales Director. “With shared corporate values and an emphasis on excellent customer service, we feel confident that this group will be strong representatives of Stance Healthcare products in the healthcare furniture marketplace”.

This partnership is very exciting for both organizations. It provides Stance Healthcare with a more significant presence in the Northwest, and it provides Northwest Interior Solutions with a broader healthcare furniture offering including specialty products for behavioral health environments.

Employees Help Build Toy Mountain

This year on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, our employees began collecting toys and books for the 2nd year in a row to help build Toy Mountain. The two-week-long drive saw over 100+ toys and books collected for less fortunate children in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Our customer service reps personally filled each of their cars with the donations and delivered them to the local television station, CTV Kitchener, where the toys and books were added to help build Toy Mountain.

Watch the video of Clint and Tracey’s donation on CTV Kitchener:

[VIDEO] Clint and Tracey did a great job on the 6 o'clock news ? last night! They had the opportunity to speak with…

Posted by Stance Healthcare on Friday, December 15, 2017


Top Links for October

Below are our most popular social media posts for the month of October:

New Healthcare Furniture Designs for Pediatric Spaces
A “Junior” version of our popular Accent Chair, along with coordinating activity tables have officially launched this October in advance of the Healthcare Design Expo + Conference.  The Accent Junior has similar features and options as its parent design but resized with a child’s comfort in mind

Stance Healthcare’s Riviera Lounge Chair Nominated for Readers’ Choice
Our Riviera Lounge chair was nominated for Interior + Sources 2017 Readers’ Choice award for Best Product.  The general public was invited to vote on Interior + Sources website – fingers crossed we WIN!

3 Technology Features  to Improve Behavioral Health Design
As the treatment of mental illness and substance abuse disorders gains parity within the healthcare environment, new approaches are evolving to accommodate the particular needs of these patients. Facility design for these patients must balance the need to provide a healing environment with adequate security for patients, families, visitors, and staff.

See You At The Show!

The Healthcare Design Expo + Conference takes place from November 11-14, 2017 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, FL.  Devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities, this is the premier healthcare design industry show of the year.

You will find Stance Healthcare at booth 1623 highlighting our top behavioral healthcare products and discussing the latest trends in healthcare design.  Sign up before Saturday, September 30th for early bird rates.