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PRODUCTS > Seating > Lounge > Valet


Valet offers soft design lines that invite patients and visitors to sit in comfort, creating a space of respite in any healthcare setting.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Contemporary flair
  • Curved organic form that surrounds with comfort
  • Injected-moulded foam with steel inner frame
  • Available in high-back or low-back
  • Choice of swivel or wire sled base on single seat models
  • Recommended list of healthcare-grade fabrics to choose from
  • Meets BIFMA X5.4-2020



  • Standard or premium metal finish
  • Contrasting fabrics
  • CAL TB 133 compliance
  • Moisture barrier

Smooth%20Black Finish Preview
Smooth Black
Textured%20Black Finish Preview
Textured Black
Textured%20Nickel Finish Preview
Textured Nickel
Smooth%20Silver Finish Preview
Smooth Silver
Gunmetal Finish Preview
Metallic%20Beige Finish Preview
Metallic Beige
Satin%20Nickel Finish Preview
Satin Nickel
Lounge Chair 21 inch Photo


Lounge Chair 21 inch

Lounge Chair 47 inch Photo


Lounge Chair 47 inch

Highback 21 inch Photo


Highback 21 inch

Lounge Chair, swivel Photo


Lounge Chair, swivel

Highback, swivel Photo


Highback, swivel

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