Eclipse Overbed Table

The Eclipse Overbed Table is a solid, dependable table designed as an economical option that offers great value. A spring-assisted lift mechanism allows the tabletop to be raised with minimal upward pressure and permits infinite height positioning within a range of 28” and 45”.

Split-Top Overbed Table

Our Split-top Overbed Table provides patient and caregiver with added functionality. A lower, secondary top can be slid out from either side of the upper top, and the lower top can be moved with one hand by pressing a handy tab. When the split top mechanism is activated the two surfaces slide in opposing directions.

Triumph Overbed Table

The Triumph Overbed Table combines heavy-duty construction with attractive, functional design. Specifiers can choose between two table-top adjustment mechanisms. A mechanical spring raises the top with slight upward pressure and can be locked in any one of 15 positions between 30” and 44” in height. Or upgrade to a pneumatic cylinder for quieter adjustment and infinite height positioning between 27” and 42”.

Victory Overbed Table

The Victory Overbed Table is all-about ease of use and convenience. With infinite height adjustment from 29” to 45”, Victory has an over sized thermoformed top and will accommodate a food tray and an electronic device.

Transcend Overbed Table

The Transcend Overbed table combines functionality with sleek lines and rugged durability. With an infinite height adjustment within a range of 29.5” to 44.5”, the transcend has a high-impact polystyrene shroud covering the base while concealing and protecting the twin-wheel rubber casters.