Designer Spotlight: Evan Bare

Design Inspirations: The Stories Behind Clover, Verity, and Strada



Evan is a visionary designer for Stance Healthcare, and his creative prowess has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of healthcare furniture design. With a unique blend of innovation, comfort, and functionality, Evan’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry.


How long have you been designing for Stance Healthcare?

I started working with Stance in 2014 when it was a much smaller company. Stance started to explore the importance of design and began to invest in product development. The market was demanding a higher level of execution and was experiencing growing competition and changing healthcare facility needs.


You have designed products for many different industries. Through your other experiences, what have you brought to your healthcare designs?

When I started working in the contract furniture industry, comfort was not a top priority. Having a few years of residential design experience, I brought a higher level of comfort to my healthcare soft seating projects. I was doing what is now called “resimercial” before the phrase was coined. I spent four years designing sofa frames, so I applied a high level of mechanical design, allowing storage integration and cleaning details not typically found in healthcare soft seating. The intent was to integrate those features into the design.


What has been your design inspiration for Clover, Verity, and Strada?

  • Clover was inspired by Scandinavian design principles and proportioned to meet multipurpose seating dynamics. The user can sit in different positions with a chair or sofa while maintaining ergonomic comfort. I was pushing for softer forms as well. In the past, I designed many rectilinear chairs.
  • Cascading curves, ergonomic support bolsters, and minimal sewn seams inspired Verity.
  • Strada was an exercise in minimizing mass—thin proportions on a large sleeper scale. The arms are narrow to allow this sleeper to fit in smaller nooks that have become more common in new healthcare facility builds.


What have been some of the biggest changes and improvements in the healthcare design industry?

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in the healthcare industry has been the acknowledgment and emphasis on user-centric design. Medical product development used to consider function over form primarily. It’s nice to see a piece in a hospital or senior care facility that you might like in your home.


What are some of your favorite features that benefit the healthcare industry in the collections you have designed?

I like that for each one of these styles, fewer sewn seams have technically reduced places for pathogens to collect. I like the power grommets applied to the kick panel areas and the Clover wrap-around arm-to-back sitting comfort.


In your opinion, what will the next big thing in healthcare design be?

With the growing cost of healthcare facilities, I hear more about homecare pods. These are small cabins that could be dropped off at one’s residence with accessibility features built in to care for aging loved ones. A turnkey sleeping and medical care space that can also act as a patient care room with vital monitoring built in.


Evan Bare’s journey from innovation to implementation, and creativity to comfort, epitomizes the transformative power of design. As we navigate the intricate intersections of aesthetics and functionality, Evan’s work serves as a guiding light — a testament to the boundless possibilities when passion and purpose converge in healthcare design.

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Patient-Centered Design: Empowering Individuals in Their Healing Journey



In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the importance of creating healing environments is becoming increasingly recognized. Patients’ well-being, comfort, and recovery are influenced by the design of healthcare facilities and the furniture within them. In this blog, we will explore the latest trends and innovations in the healthcare furniture industry that prioritize patient comfort, well-being, and the overall functionality of clinical spaces.


1. Hospitalized Patient Sleep Quality:

Sleep quality is a crucial aspect of patient recovery. Studies show hospitalized patients often report poor sleep due to lights, noise, and discomfort. Healthcare facilities strive to create “healing environments” that address these issues. Investing in comfortable beds, ensuring privacy, and providing acoustic comfort contribute to improved patient sleep quality. Single rooms are also preferred over multioccupancy rooms as they have been statistically shown to promote longer and better sleep.

2. Designing for Well-Being:

Patients desire comforting and joyful environments that enable autonomy and control. Supportive healthcare design incorporates a sense of control, social support, and positive distractions. Access to nature is recognized as a stress-reducing and comforting factor, leading to an emphasis on incorporating nature-related design elements in healing spaces. Creating a sense of familiarity in an otherwise foreign environment helps patients feel more at ease.


3. Designing Pediatric Rooms:

Pediatric patients require specialized care and attention to their unique needs. Designing pediatric rooms involves:

  • Providing a sense of control to young patients.
  • Supporting privacy.
  • Implementing pain-reduction and distraction methods.

Attention to sensory elements, such as soothing colors and interactive furniture, is crucial in creating a child-friendly environment.


4. Transforming Clinical Spaces:

Healthcare facilities are shifting their focus from purely clinical spaces to healing environments. This involves incorporating more natural light, using softer lighting, and creating zen spaces and gardens. Comfortable furniture, soft color palettes, and quality acoustics are introduced to promote relaxation and reduce patient stress.


Trends, Problems, and Needs in Healthcare Furniture:


1. Agile Hospitals:
The experience with the pandemic has emphasized the need for agile hospitals. Flexibility in design allows spaces to be transformed quickly and effectively to adapt to changing circumstances. Multi-use environments serving various purposes are becoming a top priority for healthcare facilities.


2. Empowering Patients:
Modern healthcare design recognizes the importance of patient empowerment. Giving patients control over certain aspects of their environment, such as lighting, sound, and seat selection, fosters a sense of ownership and comfort during their stay.


3. Personalized Design:
The era of the “one-size-fits-all” approach is fading away. Hospitals now understand that different patient demographics, such as pediatric or elderly patients, require tailored setups to cater to their specific needs and preferences.


4. Material Innovations:
In a healthcare environment, surface areas like table tops and arm caps are a critical design aspect of a given space — they can affect everything from an area’s safety and cleanability, to its aesthetics and comfort. Increasingly in the post-COVID era, surface finish selections are a top consideration for designers and facility planners when specifying products for healthcare.

  • Solid, non-porous surfaces, for one, are easy to clean and extremely durable.
  • Made from natural ingredients, Marmoleum’s benefits are threefold: it’s a completely sustainable material, it contributes to healthy indoor air quality, and it is available in a wide variety of colors.

5. Staff Comfort and Efficiency:
Efficient healthcare environment design not only benefits patients but also supports the well-being of hospital staff. Comfortable and functional furniture reduces physical strain on staff, increasing retention rates and fostering a happier work environment.

The healthcare furniture industry is witnessing significant advancements in creating healing environments prioritizing patient well-being and comfort. Trends such as incorporating nature-related elements, personalizing spaces, and ensuring staff efficiency are shaping the future of healthcare environment design. By staying updated with the latest innovations, healthcare facilities can continue providing the best possible care and support for their patients and staff. 

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A note from our CEO














Dear Stance Partners,


I am honored to lead a company that not only provides industry-leading products but is also deeply committed to improving lives by design. Today, I want to speak about our focus on company culture and community involvement; two ways in which Stance seeks to make a positive impact in the lives of the people we lead, and in the world around us.


Let’s begin with culture. Company culture is not just a buzzword at Stance; it is the driving force behind our actions and how we conduct ourselves. We firmly believe that core values are the foundation that underpins any great culture. At Stance, our values serve as guiding principles that enable us to navigate challenges, foster teamwork, and achieve excellence. They are the heartbeat of our organization, reminding us of our purpose and what we stand for.

We believe that in creating a culture of excellence, the small things are the big things. We understand that attention to detail sets us apart and enables us to exceed expectations. Whether ensuring the utmost in product quality or going the extra mile for our customers, we take care of the small things right.

Teamwork over ego is another fundamental value that defines who we are. Every team member plays a crucial role in our success, and we acknowledge the importance of humility, collaboration, and mutual support. We give credit where it’s due and own up to our mistakes, fostering an environment where we can learn and grow together.

Excellence is not a destination; it’s a journey. We are committed to continuously improving ourselves to be better, healthier, and more knowledgeable tomorrow than we are today. By embracing a growth mindset, we strive for excellence in everything we do, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We also believe in the power of positive energy. Our team thrives on intentional positivity, which energizes and brings out the best in each other. By celebrating our individual and collective successes, we create an environment that inspires creativity, resilience, and a sense of fulfillment.

Finally, we get it done. We are a team that refuses to be deterred by obstacles. We find innovative solutions and deliver results by taking decisive action. This determination and can-do attitude is deeply ingrained in our culture.

But our commitment to improving lives isn’t confined within the walls of our company. We strongly believe in giving back to the community that supports us. Stance Healthcare proudly supports diverse groups that are making a difference in people’s lives. From organizations like Hockey Helps the Homeless and One Roof Youth Services to the FoodBank of Waterloo Region, we strive to provide hope and compassion where it is most needed.

We also recognize the importance of health and well-being. We support organizations like Make-A-Wish, Movember and Hydrating Humanity, which work tirelessly to improve physical and mental well-being worldwide. By contributing to these initiatives, we aim to create a positive impact and promote a healthier, happier society.

In conclusion, our company culture, driven by our core values, is the foundation of Stance Healthcare. It defines who we are, how we operate, and how we impact our community. Through our corporate community involvement, we strive to improve lives and make a positive difference. We understand the importance of a strong company culture and its ability to inspire, motivate, and drive success.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your unwavering support. Together, we will continue to improve lives by design and create a brighter future.

Carl Kennedy
Stance Healthcare CEO

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The Stance team is excited to announce our attendance at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo this September 19th to 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are excited to be present, collaborating with industry colleagues, and learning from industry professionals. Located at booth #202, Stance is showcasing the newest innovations in healthcare and behavioral health including some of our favorites:


Flo table and chairs: Comfort and durability intersect with our Flo Dining Collection. The ergonomic, calming architecture and color palette provide an aesthetic finish that is perfect for any high-use environment. 


Rosetta:  The pinnacle of stylish and comfortable, the Rosetta Modular Seating Collection delivers endless durability with its heavy-duty plinth base and steel bottom plate. The coordinating tables have a Solid Surface table top making it easy to clean while still maintaining a sophisticated look in any space.


Valet: Thoughtfully designed, Valet surrounds patients with comfort. With its soft edges, contemporary aesthetic, and varying chair heights and sizes for ease of use, this chair is a perfect fit for any healthcare environment.


Spry: The sleek, modern, and versatile, Spry prioritizes comfortability and infection control by being easy to clean and flexible in sizing options and client usage. The collection is sure to be a perfect match for your next project! 


Pavillion:  The heavy-duty Pavillion drum table is fully customizable and built to last. With durable features including Solid Surface table tops and a Marmoleum plinth base, this table is a safe option in any healthcare setting. 


Prepare to be educated, inspired, and enlightened by all the innovations and insights the healthcare industry has to offer. We invite you to join us at the conference on September 20th where you will get FREE admission! Click the link and register for your spot today – we can’t wait to meet you!

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Exploring the Crucial Role of Space Planning Software in Interior Design

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, innovation and efficiency are paramount. At Stance Healthcare, we recognize the crucial role that space planning software plays in streamlining the design process and creating remarkable spaces. In this blog, we proudly showcase cutting-edge space planning platforms and explore how they empower designers who specify our products and dealer designers to transform their vision into reality, with a particular focus on healthcare and behavioral health interior design.



Supporting Designers and Dealers:
Recognizing that not projects have unlimited resources, we extend support to dealer designers through our in-house space planning services, utilizing the CET platform. This helps ensure seamless integration of our furniture into their designs, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that exceed client expectations. To access our in-house design services, simply email our team, and we will assist in the design process.

The Power of Collaboration:
Effective communication between designers and clients is essential in any design project. With our 3D CAD, 2D CAD, and Revit symbols readily available on our website, designers can easily collaborate with clients, presenting interactive 3D models that bring their ideas to life. This interactive approach fosters stronger relationships and greater client involvement, making the design process more enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

Unlocking Creativity with 2020 Cloud:
Stance is proud to be on 2020 Cloud, leveraging the advanced 2020 Giza and 2020 CAP software programs. This powerful combination provides designers with an extensive library of design elements, allowing them to unleash their creativity and experiment with various furniture, fixtures, and finishes. With access to these sophisticated tools, designers can push the boundaries of design and create truly extraordinary spaces that align with their vision and exceed client expectations.

Exploring the CET Platform:
As part of Stance’s commitment to providing designers and dealers with unparalleled support, they proudly embrace the CET platform (Configura). With its intuitive interface and powerful features, CET enables designers to bring their creative visions to life and streamline the design process. From optimizing space layouts to visualizing furniture configurations, CET empowers designers to create remarkable interiors. Exploring our extensive CET catalog showcases our exceptional products to further enhance the experience.

Designing for Healthcare and Behavioral Health:
The healthcare and behavioral health sectors require specialized expertise in interior design. At Stance, we understand these field’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our space planning software caters to the specific needs of healthcare environments, ensuring that the designs prioritize patient well-being, staff efficiency, and seamless workflows. By leveraging our space planning tools, designers can optimize layouts, ensure proper circulation paths, and strategically place furniture to create calming and therapeutic spaces that promote healing and wellness.

At Stance, we are dedicated to empowering designers and dealer designers with state-of-the-art space planning software that enhances efficiency and creativity. Our commitment to supporting the healthcare and behavioral health sectors further sets us apart, as we understand the impact of well-designed spaces on patient outcomes and staff productivity.

By embracing our space planning tools and collaborating with clients through interactive 3D models, designers can elevate their projects to new heights. With Stance, the future of interior design is bright, efficient, and focused on creating spaces that improve lives.

For more information about our space planning tools and offerings, please visit our website at 

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Stylish and Functional Nightstands for Patients


Stance Healthcare has continued to innovate furniture solutions with the extension to our renowned Gibraltar line of patient room furniture. With two new nightstands and a double platform bed, the enhanced Gibraltar collection offers a comprehensive solution for creating comfortable and healing environments. Discover how these new additions can benefit patients and healthcare providers.


Nightstands for Convenient Storage and Accessibility:
The new Gibraltar line extension introduces two stylish and functional nightstands. The nightstands are designed to provide convenient storage and easy accessibility for patients' personal belongings and essential items. With their sleek and modern design, they seamlessly blend into any healthcare environment while offering ample storage space.

Introducing the Double Platform Bed:
The highly anticipated Double Platform Bed is a versatile addition to our Gibraltar line. Designed with patient comfort and caregiver convenience in mind, this bed offers a spacious sleeping surface and numerous features that enhance patient care. The Double Platform Bed's double-wall construction ensures enhanced durability and has coordinating rounded aluminum corners. With its durable construction and contemporary design, the Double Platform Bed is the perfect choice for healthcare facilities aiming to provide patients with the highest level of comfort.

Accompanying Mattresses for Enhanced Comfort:
To complement the Double Platform Bed, we've also introduced mattresses designed to fit this bed. The Mattress Model provides optimal support and comfort, ensuring a restful sleep experience for patients. With its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, this mattress promotes pressure relief and includes cooling technology, and inverted welded seams, helping to improve patient well-being.


The extension to the Gibraltar line reflects Stance Healthcare's commitment to delivering patient-centered furniture solutions that prioritize comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. With new nightstands and the Double Platform Bed, healthcare facilities can create healing environments that promote relaxation, convenience, and enhanced patient care. These new additions' stylish design and functional features ensure that patients and healthcare providers benefit from their use. Discover the possibilities with the expanded Gibraltar collection and give your patients the comfort they deserve.

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NEW Solid Surface Options

The look of wood with extreme durability

In a healthcare environment, surface areas like table tops and arm caps are a critical design aspect of a given space – they can affect everything from an area’s safety and cleanability, to its aesthetics and comfort. Increasingly in the post-COVID era, surface finish selections are a top consideration for designers and facility planners when specifying products for healthcare.
At Stance, we are excited to announce two new Corian® Solid Surface finish options - Bleached Nuwood and Provence Nuwood. These new finishes provide a wood aesthetic while also providing the durability and cleanability expected of healthcare finishes. The contrasting woodgrain of Bleached Nuwood provides a contemplative design inspired by light and water. While the woodgrain design Provence Nuwood conjures a sense of nature in traditional or contemporary spaces.

“Corian® Solid Surface is the gold standard for healthcare designers,” said Suzanne Fawley, Stance Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Interior Designer. “Its characteristics check every box for healthcare application: durable and able to withstand wear, highly cleanable, and extremely customizable – it’s a great investment for any healthcare environment.”
Corian® Solid Surface is:

  • Easy-to-clean and maintain.
  • When properly cleaned, Corian® is a hygienic surface and does not support the growth of mold and mildew.
  • A nonporous surface with a smooth, seamless appearance.
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting, standing up to hard knocks in high-traffic environments that can easily damage other surfaces, such as drywall and laminate.
  • Easily renewed and repaired.
  • Flexible.
  • GREENGUARD Certified® as a low VOC-emitting material
  • Stain resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Extensive color choice available, others on demand



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Reliving the Highlights of Stance Healthcare’s NeoCon 2023 Experience


After months of anticipation, NeoCon 2023 finally arrived, and Stance Healthcare made a grand entrance. The premier event for the commercial design industry provided Stance Healthcare with an exceptional platform to showcase its latest innovations and engage with industry professionals. We invited attendees to the new permanent space where we showcased a wide selection of Healthcare, Behavioral Health, and Contract furniture. With Stance’s award-winning customer favorites and exclusive first looks at innovative new arrivals, NeoCon attendees experienced the “Stance difference” in more than a dozen collections set to be exhibited in the 2,500-sq.-ft. space.


Product Triumphs:

Our latest products, Abrazo and the Kiwi Bean Bag Chair, stole the show at NeoCon. Abrazo, a patient chair available in various base models, received an overwhelming response from attendees. Abrazo left a lasting impression with its comfortable design and spacious clean-out area. On the other hand, the Kiwi Bean Bag Chair, designed with de-escalation in mind, impressed visitors with its deep and cozy structure, ensuring a calming experience. Not to be overshadowed, the Flo Bed and Bedside Table garnered praise for their height, storage options, and unique fluid management system.



During NeoCon, our healthcare seating product Spry was honored as an HiP (Honoring Industry People) selection, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Moreover, the event allowed us to initiate conversations surrounding contract furniture and the evolving standards for durability and cleanability in healthcare furniture. Stance Healthcare is dedicated to meeting these new benchmarks and providing cutting-edge solutions to the industry.


NeoCon Networking:

Our space at the event was abuzz with activity, attracting a constant flow of attendees. The Sickler team, our Chicago based rep group,  played a crucial role in bringing our exhibition space to life at NeoCon. Despite a tight timeline, Sickler worked its magic and designed a stunning space that perfectly showcased our furniture collections. We were thrilled to engage in person with our representatives, dealers, and designers, fostering meaningful conversations and connections.


Unforgettable Moments:

NeoCon wasn’t just about work; we also found time to enjoy ourselves. We had the pleasure of attending the MRL party, where we celebrated and networked with fellow industry professionals. Good food was another highlight of our time in Chicago, with deep-dish pizza, Moe's Cantina, and Havana tantalizing our taste buds.


All Hands on Deck:

The Stance Healthcare team was in full force at NeoCon, ensuring our presence was felt throughout the event. From our CEO, Carl Kennedy, to our Marketing Manager, Christy Evangelista, and the entire lineup of dedicated professionals—including Tracey Heimpel, Brian Kennedy, Shane Castle, Cesar Fernandez, Sandra Castle, and Sawyer Levack—everyone played a pivotal role in making NeoCon a resounding success.


NeoCon 2023 was an incredible experience for Stance Healthcare. From showcasing our exceptional team and engaging in meaningful conversations to introducing groundbreaking products, we left an indelible mark on the event. The positive feedback and interactions with industry professionals have reaffirmed our commitment to pushing boundaries in healthcare furniture. We will take the invaluable insights gained at NeoCon back to the office, propelling us further toward our mission of creating exceptional environments for healthcare spaces.



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Understanding The Importance Of Being BIFMA Compliant. 



What is BIFMA?

The Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association, or “BIFMA”, is the not‐for-profit trade association which sponsors the development and refinement of standards for manufactured furniture, and it continues to educate the industry on the importance and application of those standards. BIFMA also promotes sustainability throughout the life cycle of furniture, and it offers statistical and educational resources to its members and the public. Simply put, BIFMA helps foster value, quality and innovation in the industry.


 What does it mean to be BIFMA Compliant?
BIFMA Compliant is an industry-wide registry of furniture products that conform to BIFMA safety and durability standards. BIFMA Compliant provides clarity to the market by differentiating products that meet these qualifications. Manufacturers around the world are invited to participate. To be BIFMA compliant, a product undergoes many rigorous tests such as static load loading, dynamic loading, and durability testing. There are a variety of BIFMA Standards across a range of furniture categories to ensure users can feel confident that the product is safe and functions correctly.


How Do You Become BIFMA Compliant?

  • Participating manufacturers sign a formal agreement with BIFMA and pay fees to participate.
  • Product listings are input by manufacturer representatives who are provided access to the system.
  • Product listings will undergo an initial quality check prior to listing in the aggregated registry.
  • Test reports will be subject to random audits.
  • Participating manufacturers will be provided with a trademarked “BIFMA Compliant” mark for use on products and in marketing materials.


What BIFMA Standards apply to Stance Healthcare?

ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-2020 Public and Lounge Seating: Covers seating typically found in indoor public spaces such as waiting, reception, visitor seating in patient rooms, dining/cafeteria settings and other gathering areas. The requirement for this standard uses 275 lb. individual as the basis. Public and Lounge seating may also include units with multiple seating positions. Usually, these products have limited adjustment features. Stance offers a variety of BIFMA Compliant products that meet these standards, like the popular Accent, Clover, Oasis, Verity, Vista and Cassia seating options—just to name a few.


ANSI/BIFMA X5.41-2021 Large Occupant Public and Lounge Seating: Covers seating typically found in indoor public spaces such as waiting, reception, visitor seating in patient rooms, dining/cafeteria settings and other gathering areas. There are two sets of requirements in this standard. One set uses the 400 lb. individual as the basis and the second set uses the 600 lb. individual as the basis. This is a relatively new standard, but some of Stance’s most popular seating options like the Oasis Recliner,Spry Seating Collection and Carson Recliner meet the 600 lb. requirements. In addition, Stance is a leader in compliance with three of the four Large Occupant Seating compliant products listed on the BIFMA website. Moving forward, Stance is testing everything to the Large Occupant Seating requirements, so Stance will continue going above and beyond to over-engineer all products, ensuring they meet the new necessary requirements.


Why is BIFMA Compliant important?
As a leader in the healthcare furniture industry, Stance understands the importance of standards and the organizations that enforce those standards. By designing to a higher standard, Stance and the industry as a whole are making the healthcare experience safer, more reliable, and better overall for everyone involved. But, BIFMA Compliant doesn’t just affect the end user. It has an impact on every level of the industry.

For manufacturers, BIFMA Compliant means they validate products against rigorous performance standards, provide visibility to specifiers and buyers, and help combat rising counterfeit claims.

For specifiers, BIFMA Compliant allows for greater ease in searching for trusted products, provides confidence in recommendations, and delivers ease of verification.

For buyers, BIFMA Compliant mitigates risk, improves employee safety and productivity, and provides buying confidence thanks to the product quality and performance.

BIFMA is crucial to ensuring quality, safety, and accessibility across the furniture industry as a whole, and Stance is proud to help lead the way toward compliance by over-engineering products to be more inviting for all. Learn more about our commitment to Improving Lives By Design at


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The entire team at Stance is committed to improving lives by design through the behavioral health furniture they manufacture and ongoing community outreach initiatives. Did you know that people experiencing food insecurity are at a greater risk of poor mental health compared to those living in food-secure households? Food insecurity is also linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety.


This month, in support of the 40,500 people struggling to put food on the table, Stance held their 9th annual community food drive for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. Employees donated food and made cash donations to support the cause. In addition, Stance doubled the generous contributions made by employees. The entire team raised a total of $3705, and donated 195lbs of food, enabling the food bank to provide an impressive 7,562 meals in the local community!



About the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is committed to providing emergency food assistance and support throughout the region, ensuring no one is left behind. Working in collaboration with 120+ community programs and agency partners, our goal is to reduce hunger in our region and identify proactive solutions to address poverty and food insecurity.

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