Our Why


Improving Lives by Design. At Stance, we believe that patient care and patient outcomes are influenced by the environment in which care is delivered. That’s where our innovative designs come in: Every product we design serves to create warm, supportive, inspiring and dignifying spaces that motivate caregivers and reassure patients that they will get the best possible care. Our award-winning furniture collections improve lives by building caregiver morale and supporting an environment that encourages healing.


At Stance, we provide industry-leading products and unmatched quality. With Improving Lives by Design as our guiding compass, each Stance team member contributes to this higher purpose through our core values, and following these STEPS together:


Core Values


Small things are the big things. We take care of the small things, in order to get the big things right. Our attention to detail is how we exceed expectations.

Teamwork over ego. Every one of us plays a role in our success. Our team is humble, collaborative, and mutually supportive: we give credit where it’s due and own up to our mistakes.


Excellence is a moving target. We strive to continuously improve ourselves so that we can be better, healthier, and more knowledgeable tomorrow than we are today.

Powered by positive energy. We rely on intentional positivity to energize and bring out the best in each other, and embrace opportunities to celebrate our individual and collective successes.


Simply get it done. Our team does what it takes to overcome obstacles, find innovative solutions, and deliver results.


Organizations Stance Supported in 2023

Our mission isn’t just about improving the lives of patients and caregivers; it runs deep and is engrained throughout the organization from improving the lives of our staff by being a living wage employer, to improving the lives of those in our community through local charitable initiatives.