The Stance team is excited to announce our attendance at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo this September 19th to 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are excited to be present, collaborating with industry colleagues, and learning from industry professionals. Located at booth #202, Stance is showcasing the newest innovations in healthcare and behavioral health including some of our favorites:


Flo table and chairs: Comfort and durability intersect with our Flo Dining Collection. The ergonomic, calming architecture and color palette provide an aesthetic finish that is perfect for any high-use environment. 


Rosetta:  The pinnacle of stylish and comfortable, the Rosetta Modular Seating Collection delivers endless durability with its heavy-duty plinth base and steel bottom plate. The coordinating tables have a Solid Surface table top making it easy to clean while still maintaining a sophisticated look in any space.


Valet: Thoughtfully designed, Valet surrounds patients with comfort. With its soft edges, contemporary aesthetic, and varying chair heights and sizes for ease of use, this chair is a perfect fit for any healthcare environment.


Spry: The sleek, modern, and versatile, Spry prioritizes comfortability and infection control by being easy to clean and flexible in sizing options and client usage. The collection is sure to be a perfect match for your next project! 


Pavillion:  The heavy-duty Pavillion drum table is fully customizable and built to last. With durable features including Solid Surface table tops and a Marmoleum plinth base, this table is a safe option in any healthcare setting. 


Prepare to be educated, inspired, and enlightened by all the innovations and insights the healthcare industry has to offer. We invite you to join us at the conference on September 20th where you will get FREE admission! Click the link and register for your spot today – we can’t wait to meet you!

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Back and better than ever! It was our pleasure to attend and exhibit at this year’s HCD Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to spending time with our extended Stance team members and networking with many of our peers in the industry, we were excited to put our Improving Lives by Design mission on display – in our booth and through continued education opportunities.


We want to thank the Healthcare Design team for once again providing a wonderful forum for Stance and our industry colleagues to meet, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration together. Below are just a few highlights from an action-packed few days at HCD ‘22:


  • Our expo booth: Providing a pop of our signature color in a sea of neutral, Stance stood out and showed off our collections in style. This was the biggest and most sophisticated of our brand in an expo setting yet, and we were excited to make our mark by showing off our Improving Lives mission, new photography, and standout collections surrounded by warm and inviting tones. Thanks to all who stopped by to relax and enjoy our products and learn more about our mission!
  • Debuting Spry & Clover: Sitting pretty in our styled vignettes were our new and popular Clover and Spry collections, which both made their HCD debuts. Clover offered a wow factor with its eye catching cream finish and soft, welcoming shape, while Spry offered a comfortable and well-spaced seating area for groups to enjoy and explore the versatility of this new release.
  • Welcome back, Flo: Our 2021 HCD Nightingale GOLD Award winner was a crowd draw once again, with many dropping by to say they’d been eager to see the collection in person. Flo is our dining collection for Behavioral Health that offers many uses for patients and care providers to engage safely in therapy, conversation, or to share a meal.

  • Standing room only for Behavioral Health education: Speaking of Behavioral Health, the topic continues to be more relevant and popular than ever, as demonstrated by the amount of BH product-related inquiries we received from booth visitors, and the standing room only demand for our Behavioral Health Interior Design Consultant, Suzanne Fawley’s ‘BH 101’ presentation on Sunday. There is still so much work to be done, and new insights to be discovered around every corner in Behavioral Health, and we will continue to do all we can to support this growing area with our products.


All in all, it was a successful and productive week at HCD. We are grateful for the opportunity to truly demonstrate what Improving Lives by Design is all about before our industry peers, and can’t wait to return for more in New Orleans in 2023!


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The Stance team heads to San Antonio for this year’s HCD Conference + Expo.



Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health are proud to be a part of the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo this year. HCD is the industry’s premier networking, education and product-sourcing event where attendees can learn about the latest research, strategies, and products that support thoughtful design in hospitals and other healthcare settings. This is a great opportunity to build industry connections and showcase how Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health are improving lives by design.

Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health will have a variety of featured products on display at the expo, each offering unique design features and functions to suit the needs of different healthcare spaces. One of the highlights being showcased is last year’s HCD Nightingale GOLD Award winner, our Flo Dining Collection. The Flo collection is a versatile dining furniture solution that provides style and durability in intensive use spaces. Exclusive for the 2022 HCD floor, we’ll be showcasing the new version of the Flo chair that’s launching next year, which features an upholstered back and seat pad for added style and comfort. Another Stance Behavioral Health staple being featured is the Frontier bed and bedside cabinet. Designed with safety in mind, the Frontier collection features rounded edges, a rotationally-molded frame and easy-to-clean surface for a comfortable patient experience. 


Stance Healthcare will also have a variety of seating and surface options on display at HCD. One of those is the Clover lounge chair, a popular new release from the past year, which will be showcasing its new Palomino wood finish. The stylish, comfortable lounge collection is available in a variety of fabrics and finishes to provide a warm, relaxing environment in any healthcare setting. 



Joining the lounge seating collection display are Jensen and Valet: The stylish and strong Jensen lounge collection offers a mid-century design with steel-welded structural integrity to provide a modern look that lasts for today’s healthcare facilities, while we will display the Valet High Back lounge chair in its original wire, disc, and new swivel base options. The Valet High Back has a clean, stylish design that creates a calming aesthetic and encourages patients and visitors to sit in comfort.  


Adding to the exhibited seating options at the expo are the Porto bench and some highlights of our Metal Seating collection — including the Legend, Marathon and Quantum lines. The Porto bench is built to withstand heavy use and offers a clean, contemporary look for modern healthcare facilities. The bench comes in 2-seat and 3-seat designs, with solid surface and power/USB options available. The versatile Legend, Marathon and Quantum seating options are available in a variety of sizes, fabrics and finishes to fit in anywhere. Offering a clean design, lasting durability and accessible pricing, the Stance Healthcare Metal Seating collection is the broadest selection in the industry.


But seating isn’t the only category on display at this year’s HCD Expo. We are excited to feature a range of table options at the expo as well, starting front and center with our 2022 new release, the versatile Spry collection. The Spry collection features a strong, stylish chair with optional 12” connecting tables. Designed with infection control in mind, the sleek, comfortable collection is easy to clean and provides ultimate flexibility and functionality.


The next surface option being showcased is the Resilia drum table, featuring a highly-durable Marmoleum surface that’s easy to clean and hard to crack or chip. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the 2017 Nightingale GOLD award winner brings style and dependability to the healthcare space. Also added to the mix is the versatile and sleek Iris table, which complements a range of seating arrangements and offers a practical solution for the surface needs of healthcare spaces. Finally, we will also exhibit the Zurich table, now with a new Palomino wood finish option for the legs. The Zurich coffee table and end table feature a modern design with a strong, stable base to provide practical style and seamless functionality.


In addition to showcasing products, Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health will join industry peers in learning and exchanging ideas together. Suzanne Phillips Fawley, the Behavioral Health Interior Design Consultant at Stance Behavioral Health, will lead a presentation at the expo on October 9. She’ll go over the dos and don'ts of behavioral health design and offer tangible takeaways that empower attendees to support healing environments through their design selections. Backed by research, subject-matter expertise, peer insights and years of industry experience, this session will guide and inspire attendees to approach behavioral health projects with humanity, confidence and passion  — providing a better overall experience for patients, care providers and visitors alike.

We hope to see you at Booth #427 in San Antonio!


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At Stance Healthcare, we are committed to continually learning about the healthcare industry we serve – from its customers, to the trends and best practices shaping how care is delivered. Thanks to our new showroom in Charlotte, NC, we are able to engage and build connections within the Charlotte-area community, which is home to several major healthcare systems that serve multiple regions throughout the U.S.


The North Carolina chapter of Women in Healthcare is one of these connections, and they recently invited Suzanne Fawley, our Behavioral Health Interior Designer, to present her CEU, Behavioral Health Design 101: Learning from the Past to Design for the Future, at one of their meetings.



We were pleased to be in attendance with this gathering of women, who represented many facets of healthcare facility planning, from project management to architecture and design. Throughout the evening, we enjoyed hearing their various perspectives in the context of not only Behavioral Health facility planning, but the challenges of supporting different kinds of today’s evolving healthcare facilities – including working under budget constraints, how to prioritize the privacy and dignity of patients presenting different needs in one space, and tips for preventing injury and wear and tear in products.


Suzanne’s presentation provided the springboard for conversation throughout the evening. Her top-ranked IDCEC-accredited presentation provided a thorough overview of both the history of psychiatric facilities and modern-day Behavioral Health care delivery, with lessons learned from the past informing today’s best practices for treatment environments. As she notes in her presentation, prioritizing the dignity of patients can be achieved in many ways – from the welcoming design of an “open” intake area, to the comfort-forward furniture that offers a more residential feel – like Stance’s “beautiful but tough” Verity Lounge Collection.


Many of the women in attendance noted that such Behavioral Health design principles can and should also translate to other types of facilities, including emergency departments, which receive growing numbers of patients experiencing mental health crises and require a safe environment to support their intake. Attendee Elissa Sturdivant, a project manager with Atrium Health, referenced a coastal North Carolina military hospital constructed in the late ‘90s, which achieved this balance of safety with dignity for its veteran patients.


Sturdivant said of Womack Army Medical Hospital in Ft. Bragg, N.C.: “I feel like they were definitely ahead of Behavioral Health design with the construction of this facility in 1998-99 because it is an inviting “one-stop shop” for soldiers and their families without feeling as though they are confined to a clinical setting.”


Whether in a therapeutic setting designed for Behavioral Health rehabilitation, in an E.R., or at a military hospital, Stance is encouraged to hear the principles of safe, comfortable, durable Behavioral Health design are increasingly being applied and appreciated throughout the healthcare facility planning universe. We applaud these accomplished and knowledgeable women for taking the time to exchange their insights with each other and with us, and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside them and our many other professional peers leading the way in this space.


Women in Healthcare’s mission is to promote the professional development of women in the healthcare industry through networking, education, and mentorship. For more information about Women in Healthcare, including how to find a chapter in your area of the U.S., visit

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HCD 2021 Recap

Following last year’s virtual program, Stance Healthcare was excited to once again participate in the HCD Conference + Expo in person this year. Our team enjoyed several productive days of networking with peers, making new industry connections and most of all, drawing inspiration from the many new healthcare product designs on exhibit. 



We were also proud to showcase many of Stance’s new, coming-soon, and best-selling collections for general healthcare and Behavioral Health, including: 

Clover Lounge Collection

Flo Dining Collection 

Gem Occasional Table Collection

Jensen Lounge Collection 

Verity Lounge Collection

Valet Lounge Collection

Spry Seating Collection *coming soon in early 2022



Capping off a great event, we were honored to close out the conference by taking home the Nightingale GOLD Award for our Flo Dining Collection for Behavioral Health. The annual Nightingale Awards recognize products related to the healthcare built environment, which contribute positively to a healing environment.



Following a long first year marked by COVID-19, Stance team members in attendance were energized by the event’s warm, inviting programming format, and vendor displays that complemented our brand mission: Improving Lives by Design. As our Behavioral Health Interior Designer, Suzanne Fawley, put it: “The event exhibits were bright, happy, thoughtful, and approachable, and the quality of products on display have never been better. Everyone was interacting with such warmth, glad to be reunited again – and I left feeling so inspired about how our products can support better healthcare experiences for so many people.”


“Reuniting as a community in Cleveland gave me reasons for optimism and celebration,” said Stance Healthcare’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Bill Coble. “This time of year I like to take stock, and appreciate all the challenges and successes the last 12 months brought – and this year, one of those successes is experiencing the genuine enthusiasm for Stance’s Improving Lives by Design mission at HCD.”


Read more about the 2021 HCD Expo + Conference, including our Nightingale GOLD Award, here. We look forward to returning to the 2022 event in San Antonio!


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2021 Healthcare Design Expo Sneak Peek


It’s hard to believe our 2019 Nightingale GOLD win for the Frontier (Behavioral Health) collection was two years ago. Today, the Stance team is excited to soon return in person to attend this year’s Healthcare Design Expo + Conference October 23-26 in Cleveland.


In addition to reconnecting with our industry colleagues and once again enjoying in-person access to all the latest healthcare design insights and education the event has to offer, the Stance team is especially looking forward to introducing many of our 2021 new releases, as well as showcasing our top-selling customer favorites.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health products we’re looking forward to exhibiting and promoting at HCD:

  • Clover Lounge Seating Collection – LAUNCHING OCTOBER 2021: Designed to surround patients, visitors and care providers with beautiful curves and modern styling, Clover is offered in single, two-seat and three-seat lounge chair size options.  
  • Gem Occasional Tables – 2021 NEW RELEASE: Playful and minimalist in design, yet built to last: Gem’s lightly scaled geometric frame with soft-shaped top options offer a sophisticated, modern style suited for a multitude of healthcare settings.
  • Valet Lounge Seating for Behavioral Health - 2021 NEW RELEASE: Valet offers a new standard in Behavioral Health lounge seating, with its attractive, modern aesthetics and thoughtfully designed safety features.
  • Resilia Drum Table for Behavioral Health – 2017 Nightingale GOLD Award Winner: The Resilia Drum Table brings style and warmth to healthcare spaces and features a Marmoleum™ surface that is highly durable, easy-to-clean and not susceptible to chipping or cracking.
  • Jensen Guest and Lounge Seating – 2021 NEW RELEASE: Thoughtfully designed for today’s modern healthcare facilities, Jensen is comfortable, easy-to-clean and blends stylish design with the strength of metal.
  • Flo Dining Collection for Behavioral Health – 2021 NEW RELEASE: Offering beautiful organic lines and a soothing color palette, Flo provides a calming aesthetic that invites users to relax while dining safely in an intensive use space.

We look forward to seeing our friends and partners in the healthcare design industry, and invite anyone attending to come visit with us at Booth #4051.

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