Memorable Moments at NeoCon 2024

A Recap of Our Unforgettable Experience


Stance Healthcare had an unforgettable time at NeoCon 2024, filled with engaging sessions, exciting product showcases, and fun networking experiences. Here’s a recap of our time at the show:

A Team Effort
Our dedicated team, including Anthony Brandt from Plural Studios, Carl Kennedy, Tracey Heimpel, Sawyer Levack, Sandra Castle, Cesar Fernandes, and Christy Evangelista, made this event a resounding success. The enthusiasm and hard work of everyone involved truly shone through. 

Training Sessions and Celebrations
Before the show officially kicked off on Monday, we hosted two well-attended product training sessions for our manufacturer representatives on Sunday afternoon. These sessions were fantastic opportunities to connect with our sales reps, share knowledge, and toast our success with mimosas. 

That same evening, we took advantage of the beautiful Chicago weather to celebrate Cesar’s birthday with a delightful dinner at an Italian restaurant on its terrace. It was a perfect night, complemented by the lingering sounds of the Chicago Jazz Festival, creating a magical atmosphere. 

Recognition and Highlights
Being named a HiP Award Honoree at NeoCon 2024, with the Podium Lounge Collection earning the runner-up status, was a significant milestone for us. This recognition not only validates our commitment to innovation but also underscores the superior quality of our healthcare furniture. 

Our partnership with Thumbprint for the champagne cart on Monday was a standout moment. Attendees were thrilled to enjoy demos of their new software while sipping champagne, making it a fun and engaging attraction. 

Popular Products and Feedback
Our Oakley Seating Collection and Abrazo Patient Chairs garnered significant attention at the show. Visitors remarked on Oakley’s coastal and relaxing vibe in our space, while the Abrazo rocker was highlighted as a perfect fit for the obstetrics department. These insights are invaluable as we continue to innovate and meet our customers’ needs. 

Special Thanks
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our healthcare fabric suppliers—Stinson, Momentum, and Mayer—for their unwavering support. Additionally, we want to thank Jensea Chromy from Sickler, one of our Rep groups, for beautifully designing our space. The warm and welcoming environment, with a desert vibe, was exactly what we aimed to achieve with our furniture, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

The showroom was accessorized with custom Plural Studio pillows, suspended screens from Func, and a stunning planter from Ayrsonics, all of which contributed to the cohesive and inviting ambience. 

Looking Ahead
NeoCon 2024 was more than just an exhibition; it celebrated collaboration, innovation, and the goal of enhancing healthcare environments. We are grateful for the feedback we received from the field and are excited to implement new ideas inspired by this experience. 

Thank you to everyone who made NeoCon 2024 an unforgettable event for Stance Healthcare. We look forward to continuing to create spaces that support health and well-being. 

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