Answering the call to support flexible healthcare spaces in the post-COVID era

In the same way that the pandemic highlighted the everyday heroism of healthcare workers, it has also inspired opportunities to improve the way care is delivered. Those who support healthcare environments through design and product support, like we do, can be instrumental in making such positive impacts on the patient, visitor, and care provider’s experiences. And while the learning is still in progress, one lesson from the COVID era has already changed the way we should approach healthcare facility planning for the long-term: the ever-present need to adapt.


At Stance Healthcare, we were well-positioned to rise to this challenge, as we have always taken pride in manufacturing products that are flexible and highly customizable for many healthcare settings. It’s a commitment that bore fruit amid the heart of the COVID crisis: One year into the pandemic, Stance supported our most aggressive year of new product releases – overcoming supply chain challenges and ongoing market uncertainty to bring new, cleanable, comfortable, adaptable furniture collections to facilities at a time they needed them most. From pop-up triage areas to consultative spaces, these are products that can serve many purposes in a given day – to create what our Behavioral Health Interior Designer, Suzanne Fawley, likes to refer to as “space within space” as needed.


As our catalog continues to grow, I want to highlight a few of Stance’s best “multi-tasker” collections that help support flexible spaces in healthcare settings:


  • The Clover Lounge Collection: Our newest lounge collection is soft, comfortable, and acoustically more secure than standard lounge collections, providing a safe area for rest or a private consultative interaction. With endless ways to modify, including a choice of wood or powder-coated steel leg, contrasting fabrics and a moisture barrier, Clover encourages end-users to relax in a variety of lounge positions. It can be enjoyed by multiple people at once, including parents with children or by individual parties comfortably sharing the lounge chair. With its sculpted back and open seat, Clover provides comfort that feels tailored to each individual.

  • Attessa Modular Lounge Seating: Attessa modular lounge seating and tables are designed to suit any healthcare public space, offering style, comfort and durability sufficient for high-traffic common areas, like front-of-house reception zones, as well as cafes and consultative spaces. Available for general healthcare, pediatric, and Behavioral Health settings, the collection is not only sleek and beautiful, but also designed with endless capacity to create intentional spaces within any environment.

  • Spry Seating Collection *Coming Soon*: I’m excited to preview this coming-soon collection, which continues our commitment to creating flexible, adaptive, multi-use products for dynamic healthcare applications, including patient and exam rooms. Designed with infection control in mind, Spry is a versatile seating collection ideal for the post-COVID era, with connected linking tables to create space between patients. Featuring solid surface arm caps that come standard, Spry offers 360-clean out for maximum infection control. Also available armless to minimize touch points, Spry is exceptionally versatile for the many configurations the seats and three available sizes of linking tables can create. Look for Spry to become available later this season.

Core to our Improving Lives by Design brand mission, Stance is continually working to innovate new products that support improved healthcare experiences for patients, visitors, and care providers. But it’s not just our furniture itself that’s adaptable. As a family-owned company, we take pride in our ability to also be nimble from a customer service perspective, offering our customers a level of agility and flexibility, including endless options to customize, that is not commonly available in the industry.


To our wonderful customers and Stance team members, thank you for supporting our commitment to Improving Lives by Design by valuing adaptability in everything we create and do. Stay tuned for more to come from Stance in 2022!


– Carl


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