Stance Healthcare Unveils Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table for Enhanced Healthcare and Senior Living Environments

The highly anticipated item is ideal for general healthcare and senior living facilities.



KITCHENER, ON – Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer specializing in general healthcare and Behavioral Health settings, announces the Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table. This piece is designed to cater to healthcare and senior living facilities' unique needs. This re-imagined table offers exceptional functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


The Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table boasts impressive features that enhance usability and accessibility. The table features a 7" height adjustment capability, and individuals can easily customize the table's height to their desired comfort level. The paddle activation mechanism ensures smooth adjustments, accommodating users of all abilities. In addition, the table's X-base is equipped with adjustable nylon glides, providing stability on various surfaces.


The Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table is constructed using multi-gauge powder-coated steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Its frame incorporates a 5" diameter and 3 ½' telescoping steel column, providing stability and strength. In addition, the frame construction is meticulously crafted to ensure a robust structure that withstands the rigors of daily use.


The top materials of the Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table are carefully chosen to offer functionality and visual appeal. The polyurethane no-drip edge, with a top thickness of 1 ¼", provides a seamless and hygienic surface resistant to spills. The urethane edge is molded around a 1 ⅛" laminated top, offering a sleek and modern profile. Alternatively, the table is also available with a PVC or wood edge top, both with a thickness of 1" for a classic look.


Height adjustment for the Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table is achieved using high-quality hardware, including a 300n or 350n gas spring, depending on the top style. The hardware ensures smooth and controlled movement, allowing users to modify the table's height to their desired position easily.


"The Rise Adjustable Dining Room Table showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional furniture solutions that meet the unique needs of environments it will serve," said Carl Kennedy, CEO, Stance Healthcare "With its innovative features and sturdy construction, this table sets a new standard for accessible and comfortable dining."


The new release supports Stance's signature design philosophy, which aims to improve the healthcare experience for patients, visitors, and care providers through comfortable, beautiful, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean products. In addition, Stance Healthcare remains committed to providing comprehensive furniture solutions for healthcare and senior living environments.


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