A Love Letter to the Contract Industry

Written by Christy Evangelista, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Stance Healthcare


Original published in Delve Magazine February 2024


What initially drew you to the contract design industry and keeps you passionate today?

During my adolescence, I randomly spent hours daydreaming and drawing the blueprints of homes. Although juvenile designs, these drawings featured expansive windows and huge interior gardens. As a child I seemingly understood, at some level, the importance of natural light and greenery. As I entered my twenties, my passion shifted toward yoga and overall well-being. Yoga provided a sense of calm during challenging times in early adulthood. It’s almost poetic that my background in business marketing led me to the dynamic and passionate world of contract furniture, especially within the healthcare and behavioral health markets. This industry encapsulates everything I love: design, marketing, health, and well-being.


Can you share a memorable experience or project that made you fall in love with contract design?

There isn’t one particular project or experience. What I love about contract design is seeing how a designer can breathe life into a space with color, lighting, texture, and accessories, especially in challenging Behavioral Health spaces where design has more obstacles to overcome. Ultimately, what I love most is seeing how a designer specs furniture to help pull a space together. I’m always amazed to see a designer bring their vision to life!


How do you see contract design positively impacting society or the world, and how does that influence your affection for the industry?
Research has indicated that layout, design and structure has a positive effect on patient outcomes in healthcare spaces. I love the passion and creativity of contract design, and that, as an industry we are always looking for solutions and striving for the best outcomes of a space. For Behavioral Health facilities specifically, layout and design has come a long way from the institutional look and feel to one that promotes healing through safety, choice, aesthetics and comfort. I’m proud to be part of an industry where the dignity of patients is front and center, and the ultimate goal is to support patients on their healing journey.


Can you describe a moment when you felt deep pride or satisfaction in your work in contract design?

I have pride in all that I do at Stance. I enjoy bringing products to market that are comfortable, innovative, and safe for patients, family and caregivers in healthcare and behavioral health spaces. Our mission at Stance is improving lives by design, which goes beyond the furniture we manufacture but is rooted in the culture where our day-to-day work allows us to give back to the industry and the community.

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