The Spry Seating Collection: Transforming the Future of Healthcare Furniture

Discover the Spry Seating Collection: Where elegant design meets functional excellence in healthcare furniture. Transform patient experiences.

In an era marked by rapid transformation and heightened expectations for healthcare environments, the role of furniture must never be underestimated. When innovation is the key to providing the best patient care and comfort, the Spry Seating Collection aims to redefine the future of healthcare furniture.


Welcome to the story of Spry and how it sets out to establish a new standard in adaptable and cleanable furniture — marking a pivotal movement in patient-centered design.


Launching in a Transformative Era

Unveiled on June 14, 2022, Spry embodies Stance Healthcare’s commitment to innovation and excellence while directly responding to the urgent need for infection control during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


      Spry was born partly as a direct response to COVID-19, focusing on infection control and distancing to keep healthcare spaces safe.
  Cesar Fernandes, Design & Development Manager



Spearheaded by Cesar Fernandes, Spry’s development aimed to address two critical areas within healthcare facilities:

  1. The Fusion of Function and Form: Spry stands out with its sleek design and emphasis on comfort, ensuring that it is not just a piece of furniture but a vital component of the healing environment. It incorporates features like solid surface arm caps and 360-clean-out capabilities, setting new standards in healthcare seating.
  2. Adapting to Change: With the global pandemic irrevocably altering the healthcare landscape, the need for adaptable and cleanable furniture was imperative. Spry’s design directly responded to urgent needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on infection control and distancing to ensure safe healthcare spaces.

While Spry represents Stance Healthcare’s rapid response to the seismic shifts in healthcare brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it also embodies a forward-thinking design ethos by setting a new standard for future healthcare interiors. 


Anatomy of the Spry Collection

Crafting the Perfect Balance

The Spry Seating Collection distinguishes itself through several innovative features designed to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare environments.


From selecting durable materials to constructing fully welded frames, every aspect of Spry is designed with longevity and cleanability in mind.


7 Standout Features of the Spry Collection

1. Solid Surface Arm Caps


  • Slim profile and designed for easy cleaning

2. Fully

Welded Arms


  • Enhances the strength and longevity of the furniture

3. Smooth

Metal Surfaces


  • Brazed welds highlight attention to detail and offer smoother frame joinery

4. Careful Fastener Placement


  • Keeps high touch points smooth, making cleaning easier and more effective.

5. 360-Clean-Out


  • Ensures every inch of the seating is accessible for thorough cleaning, a paramount feature in infection control.

6. Connecting Linking Tables


  • Available in three different sizes to create necessary space between patients to support social distancing efforts while adding functionality to the seating arrangement.

7. Protective

Rear Legs


  • Minimize damage to walls and other areas in a facility


Innovations in Cleanability

With the heightened awareness brought about by COVID-19, the Spry Collection places a significant emphasis on cleanability. The metal seating design serves aesthetic purposes and facilitates ease of cleaning, which is paramount in preventing the spread of infections. 


       At Stance, we joke about how our robust metal seating products have been “over-engineered." Now, looking back, it was just what the world needed.
  Christy Evangelista, Stance Healthcare Manager, Marketing and Communications



The smooth surfaces, 360-clean-out capability, and thoughtful placement of fasteners ensure that every inch of the furniture is accessible and easy to clean. This attention to detail showcases Stance Healthcare's commitment to patient safety and infection control, setting a new benchmark for hygiene standards in healthcare furniture.


A Fresh Take on Traditional Seating Solutions

Spry’s design revolutionizes traditional seating solutions, offering a fresh perspective that aligns with the needs of modern healthcare facilities.


The collection’s features are meticulously crafted to address the challenges posed by the pandemic while providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating option.


This is not just a response to a crisis but a step towards a future where healthcare environments are safer, more adaptable, and more attuned to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. 


Ensuring Aesthetics Align with Function & Well-being

In a study by Researchers at the Centre for Health Design, “the physical environments of healthcare facilities have immense potential to be an effective intervention for reducing and preventing the mental exhaustion of healthcare professionals.”


With Spry, function and well-being go hand in hand. The sleek design enhances healthcare spaces, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.


         Aesthetics, in healthcare design, goes beyond the initial look of the furniture we create and has a deeper connection. For example, soft, curved shapes feel soothing - influencing the healing process.
  Cesar Fernandes, Stance Healthcare Design & Development Manager



While comfort, flexibility, cleanliness and durability are key variables to consider for healthcare interiors — we aim to create environments that deliver benefits beyond the initial look and feel.


In fact, this is the root of our design philosophy: empathy and a keen eye to evolve the healthcare landscape. The Spry Collection does just that, bridging the connection between patient-centered comfort and the healing process. 


Spry: Charting the Future of Healthcare Furniture

As we look ahead, the Spry Collection stands poised to play a pivotal role in the future of healthcare furniture. It encapsulates a forward-thinking design ethos, a responsiveness to the changing needs of healthcare environments, and a commitment to innovation.


A Vision for Future Healthcare Interiors

Spry is more than just a product of its time; it represents a vision for the future, setting new standards and paving the way for future innovations in healthcare furniture. With its blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and commitment to safety, the Spry Collection is a beacon of what is possible, guiding us toward a future where healthcare environments are not just spaces for healing but spaces that inspire, comfort, and protect.


Embracing the Shift: Stance Healthcare’s Ongoing Journey

As we embrace the shifts in healthcare brought about by the pandemic and look to the future, Stance Healthcare continues its journey of innovation and excellence. The Spry Collection is our latest breakthrough in our commitment to improving healthcare spaces for all. As we persist in innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we invite you to join us on this journey. Experience the Spry Collection for yourself and witness firsthand how we are transforming the future of healthcare furniture. 

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