Designer Spotlight: Cesar Fernandes

Cesar's Vision for Healthcare and a Look at the Year Ahead



With a unique blend of expertise in graphics and over two decades of experience in furniture design, Cesar Fernandes has become a driving force behind innovative design solutions for Stance Healthcare. Cesar’s design ethos revolves around discovering beauty in simplicity while harmoniously balancing functionality to cater to users’ needs and support the essential requirements of facilities.

How long have you been designing for Stance Healthcare?
I joined the Stance Healthcare team in March of 2020. It was a memorable start as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began to take effect after my first week. Although everything was uncertain, I was very eager to help tackle the rapidly changing challenges facing the industry in any capacity we could.

What are some of the products you have designed?
My most recent notable designs are the award-winning Lotus Casegoods Collection, taking home both the Nightingale Gold and Innovation Award at HCD last year, and Spry, a lightly scaled guest seating collection with an emphasis on cleanability and aesthetic.

You have designed products for many different industries. Through your other experiences, what have you brought to your healthcare designs?
Healthcare furniture has been my primary focus for over 20 years now, so it has become more what healthcare experiences can bring to other markets. Essential characteristics like durability and cleanability have become just as significant in other public spaces like higher education, for example.

What is your design inspiration?
One goal has been to blur the lines between healthcare and contract furnishings so that each can feel at home in either environment.

What have been some of the biggest changes and improvements in the healthcare design industry?
One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in the healthcare industry has been the acknowledgment and emphasis on user-centric design. Medical product development used to consider function over form primarily. It’s nice to see a piece in a hospital or senior care facility that you might like in your home.

What are some of your favorite features that benefit the healthcare industry in the collections you have designed?
I’ve really enjoyed working with solid surfaces. It’s an ideal material for healthcare spaces but can also be worked into beautiful forms.


Can you provide a sneak peek at what to expect from Stance this year?
We are excited for our two spring releases. Podium, previewed at HCD last year, won a Silver Nightingale Award. It’s a lounge series that shares a platform base to accommodate a variety of preconfigured seating and table options. Second is Abrazo, a seating family with three base options, including a high-back rocker, perfect for a mother’s room. 

In your opinion, what will the next big thing in healthcare design be?
I think we are experiencing it now. Stance has been a leader in furnishings for Behavioral Health environments, and we see the needs continuing to grow and evolve.

Cesar Fernandes is a design luminary in the world of healthcare furniture. His journey at Stance Healthcare has been marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to phishing the boundaries of what healthcare design can achieve. Through products like Spry Seating and Pavilion Drum Tables, Cesar has left an indelible mark on the industry, and his vision for the future promises to bring even more groundbreaking designs to the world of healthcare. As healthcare design continues to evolve, Cesar and Stance Healthcare are sure to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare environments. 

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