Ground zero: The importance of sterile healthcare environments in the era of the Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has the world’s attention, and for good reason. As of mid-February, more than 75,000 cases of the mysterious, deadly disease have been recorded, with new infections still being reported at staggering rates both in and outside of its origin of China.


Containment measures are a primary concern for those following the Coronavirus spread, as allegations of lack of transparency regarding climbing infection rates add another layer of complexity to the epidemic. While questions surrounding the modes of transmission continue to loom, one thing is certain: The quality of healthcare environments and protocols can significantly impact the scale at which infectious diseases are either contained or spread.


From treatment rooms to waiting areas, everything in a healthcare setting – from the furnishings to the air quality – can either encourage or stifle the spread of infectious disease. It’s a consideration that healthcare facility managers take seriously, as 7 of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time will acquire at least one health care-associated infection. Because controlling the spread of disease and minimizing the number of healthcare-associated infections are top concerns for any healthcare setting, facility planners must consider cleanable fabrics and overall materials, including those for surfaces, when selecting furniture.


Stance Healthcare is proud to support and use textiles with these specifications in mind. Whether it be for lounge seating, case goods, drum tables, or occasional tables in a healthcare setting, we offer and encourage the selection of surface finish options that withstand proper cleaning better than traditional wood, such as powder-coated steel, Corian® Solid Surface selections, and rigid polyester. And, our germ-containing safeguards don’t stop at surfaces: From our Stinson® healthcare surface material selections that offer antimicrobial protection, bleach-solution cleanability, soil and stain resistance, and fluid-barrier protection, to our Momentum endurance fabrics, Stance Healthcare strives to prioritize safety for every patient, visitor, and caretaker in the healthcare settings we furnish.


No matter the disease need, we encourage healthcare facility planners and designers to always consider the worst-case scenario – from a flu outbreak to the Coronavirus – when planning for the everyday, by choosing materials that encourage sterility, cleanability, and safety.

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