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In the dynamic world of healthcare furniture, Stance Healthcare emerges as a standout player, offering innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Three of the key factors that set Stance apart is its boutique size, specialization, and adaptability, allowing for efficient and subtle modifications to furniture specifications. This commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that Stance can meet various projects’ diverse and specific needs.


Located at 725 Cedar St., the Stance Healthcare showroom in Charlotte serves as a hub for showcasing the company's cutting-edge products and solutions. Here are some compelling reasons why exploring the Charlotte showroom is a must for anyone in the healthcare design and furnishings industry:


Specialization and Adaptability:

Stance’s boutique size allows for a more specialized and malleable approach to furniture design. When a project demands subtle modifications to furniture specifications, Stance efficiently meets those requirements. This level of adaptability sets Stance apart from larger manufacturers, providing clients with a personalized touch that caters to their unique needs.


Personalized Consultations:

At Stance, we understand that every healthcare facility is unique. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to one-on-one consultations with our experienced designers. Our one-on-one approach ensures that your furniture solutions are suitable and perfectly tailored to your needs. From subtle modifications to comprehensive behavioral health environments, Stance designers are here to listen and guide you through the process. They work with you directly with personalized attention and expertise, resulting in transformative and tailored healthcare environments that perfectly align with your vision.


Explore Virtually with Space Planning Tools:

For those unable to visit the Charlotte showroom in person or those who want a sneak peek at the products, Stance offers virtual exploration through advanced space planning tools. Designers can utilize tools such as CET Commercial Interiors, Spec by Configura, and 2020 Cloud to visualize Stance's products and optimize the layout of healthcare facilities.


Stance’s commitment to personalized, high-quality healthcare furniture solutions is evident in every product and service. Contact Sawyer Levack to visit the Charlotte showroom.

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