Unlocking the Power of Metal Seating: Stance Healthcare’s Core Product Spotlight

Why Stance Healthcare’s Metal Seating Line Sets the Industry Standard



When it comes to healthcare  furniture, Stance has emerged as an industry leader, with a particular focus on its extensive range of metal seating products for acute care and behavioral health spaces . These metal chairs are not just a part of a product line; they represent the company’s core offering, often called its “bread and butter.” The metal seating products include features and characteristics that make Stance Healthcare stand out in healthcare seating.


Variety That Fits Diverse Needs

Stance Healthcare’s metal seating lines’ standout feature is their wide variety. Both acute care and behavioral health  facilities have diverse needs when it comes to furniture, and Stance has recognized and catered to these needs comprehensively. Let’s take a closer look at some of our flagship products:


  1. Accent: These stacking chairs offer a sleek and modern design, combining comfort with durability. Perfect for waiting areas or common spaces. Also available for behavioral health spaces with added safety features.
  2. Accent Jr.: The versatile and durable seating solution was designed for pediatric and smaller patient poluations in healthcare settings. It’s an ideal choice for facilities aiming to create a welcoming seating solution for young patients and their families.
  3. Quantum: Designed for comfort and practicality, Quantum stacking chairs provide a versatile seating solution for healthcare environments.
  4. Marathon: With an ergonomic design, Marathon metal chairs prioritize comfort and support, making them ideal for extended sitting.
  5. Integrity: Known for their durability and strength, Integrity metal chairs are designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas in healthcare facilities.
  6. Legend: As a best seller, Legend provides durability, enhanced safety and an attractive aesthetic. Also available for Behavioral Health spaces with additional safety features.
  7. Vista II: Vista II metal chairs are engineered for stability and versatility, Also available for behavioral health with added safety features.
  8. Jensen: These metal chairs offer a timeless design that blends seamlessly with various healthcare environments.
  9. Spry: Spry metal chairs prioritize ease of cleaning and maintenance with standard solid surface arm caps and a 360 degree clean out space, ensuring a hygienic environment.
  10. Oasis: Oasis metal seating products balance aesthetics and functionality, making them suitable for various healthcare spaces. Also available for behavioral health with added safety features.
  11. Kite: The Kite metal chair line focuses on ergonomics and comfort, providing an inviting seating option for patients and visitors. The series stands out as the only metal folding chair in Stance’s lineup.


Certifications and Finishes for Quality Assurance

Stance Healthcare understands the importance of meeting stringent industry standards and regulations in healthcare environments. The company’s metal seating products are designed and manufactured with quality in mind. These chairs often come with certifications, including BIFMA compliant, that reflect the company’s commitment to safety and durability.


Moreover, Stance Healthcare offers a wide range of finishes for its metal seating products. This allows healthcare facilities to choose the perfect aesthetic that complements their interior design while maintaining the integrity of the furniture.


Stance Healthcare’s metal seating lines represent the cornerstone of its healthcare furniture offerings. With a commitment to variety, quality certifications, and a diverse range of finishes, these metal chairs provide comfort, durability, and style for healthcare settings. 

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