Staff Favorites: Valet and Jensen

Stance’s Improving Lives by Design mission starts from the inside, so we wanted to share how some of our own team members are inspired by our products. This week, we talked to Tracey Heimpel, Business Development Manager, and Cesar Fernandes, Product Design and Development Manager, about some of their favorite Stance collections. 


Cesar says:

Favorite product, and why?


“One of my new favorite collections is our Valet Lounge seating. It’s just a very inviting and modern design and we offer it in a range of styles to really work well with a variety of lounge spaces.”

Why is this one of your favorites? What makes this collection stand out in the marketplace, in your opinion?


“I particularly like that we have a version geared towards Behavioral Health environments. It's robust, weighted and we’ve built-in some tamper-resistant features all while maintaining its beautiful form.”

If you have a connection to the story behind this product's development, please share:


“You don’t usually get to turn a chair upside down to highlight its clean design but in the case of the disc base for example, we’ve really paid extra attention to detail. The underside of the base is solid, smooth and precision machined with a glide system that offers great stability and movability if needed.”

In your words, how does this product/collection support Stance's "Improving Lives by Design" mission?


“I think Valet is a great example of how we can balance a design that is beautiful and welcoming with the features and performance required for today’s demanding healthcare environments.”



Tracey says:

Favorite product, and why?

“My favorite Stance product is our new Jensen series. It’s a new, trendy product with clean lines. It’s hit the ground running and we are already seeing lots of orders for it.”

Any connection to this product’s development? 

“Throughout the prototype process I was able to test it out and give my opinion on how the product sat. It was so fun to see it evolve.”


In your words, how does this product/collection support Stance's "Improving Lives by Design" mission? 


“The Jensen series is so comfortable, it will always make a patient and guest feel relaxed and at ease. It is the perfect blend of beauty and brawn, with its modern lines that elevate any healthcare facility.” 


Anything else you would like to add? 


“Watch out for the Jensen series to be added to our BH line of products.”



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